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  1. I've seen a lot of Chinese cheaters in the game, who could not see you in any way and already know that you're sitting there. A lot of them see through the wall and shoot straight at the head at long range without recoil. And they still play on and nothing bans them. They are not even afraid of losing L96 because they know who is already around them and know where to shoot. They haven't even seen you yet, but they're already shooting right at you. I'm deleting this shit, it's impossible to play. Shit is not optimized, some fuckin' Chinese who are just running around with a view through walls and automatic targeting from 400 meters.
  2. Why doesn't the anti-cheat game work? One person from 400 meters killed my friend with a G36 for two shots to the head. This man is playing on and also kills all the other people. Many Chinese play with cheats and they are not banned.
  3. Can I help with the translation of the game into Russian? Also in the game there are a lot of cheaters with auto-targeting and viewing other players through walls. There were even players who simply duped resources by the thousands. Anti-cheat for some reason badly copes with this.
  4. Make it possible to create their own clan not to constantly enter the PIN code in the doors and chests.
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