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  1. Hello 🤜🤛 I'm Gll0ST ingame, been playing the game for like 2 weeks, been watching videos to learn about the game and I have a suggestion based on the opinion I created after some gameplay and exploring opinions of others players(Im a solo player). It is to easy to build a unraidable base in Xera!!! You just need floors on top of floors... So, my sugestion in this topic is just that, limit the number of floors players can build and if one key floor/stair or wall is removed before log off the game and that removed part is a key part for the stability of the top floor, it will come down. Cheers mates 👍 @Gll0ST
  2. BUG REPORT WORKBENCH UPGRADE FROM TIER 2 TO TIER 3 Hello 🤜🤛 So the problem was this, I upgraded my workbench from tier 1 to tier 2 with no problems, after farming all the materials necessary to upgrade it to tier 3, tried it and after completing the upgrade the workbench simply disappeared from my base 😲🙀 Im sure you guys can't give me back the materials that I used to craft the workbench and the upgrade it to tier 2 and 3 but, is there any explanation for that to happen? I would apreciate an answer to this topic if possible 🤠👌 PS: I don't have a video or a screenshot of the issue because I was not expecting it to happen as you may understand 👀 Cheers mates, @Gll0ST
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