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  1. Loot gone, car gone and getting killed while in black loading screen. because of the server crash
  2. Deno

    car glich

    Who gonna give our loot back?
  3. Hey, IRL when u pull on the charging handle it means you put bullet in in the barrel. But in this game when you pull on it u have to wait till your gun is lowered to resting position then bullets appear in gun. for example I don't really keep my eyes on bullets mid fight i keep it on my enemy and my self where to hide. End when ever I see that my character pulled on charging handle I push out but my mag is always empty. My suggestion would be to put bullets in the gun after the charging handle pull animation not 1 second after. Or just pull charge handle after its lowered down
  4. Deno

    Car sound

    Hey, whenever you drive buggy sound is low, but if you switch seats and let your friend drive it cranks up real high. Without moving a sound bar
  5. Deno

    Gas Station

    But I passed that place few days in row and its gone. It does not appier for any of my team members
  6. Deno

    Gas Station

    Hey, If I'm right there should be gas station here
  7. Hey, I don't know but for me (medical station did not count for the quest). In top right u can see quest does not activate. But You can see that medical station is in my inventory. Thank you for all your hard work
  8. Hey, I dont know if u have plansd for futue but it would be awesome that bases should decay or get deleted. in months time with this pop my CPU and RAMS wont hold all the entities FPS gona be 40 from 106. Idk what is easy make a decay system or like if land owner not log in for week all of his placed item would get deleted. And it really hard to find land to claim. allot of people just put claims in random spots and runs off, does not even build there. Lets say if i builded a base but my team is still playing. They could ask me to remove claim and they could reclaim it. Edit. Or just let 2 claims on 1 player no more
  9. Deno


    If you have suppressor on pistol and have main weapon. Whenever you try to switch you main weapon and move it to inventory in removes attachments from main weapon but allso it removes suppressor from pistol. P..S also have a video in youtube. but dont know if i can put a link in forums P.P.S tryed to make gif
  10. Map invisble does not let me reach airdrop. P.S Have a clip i dont know if i can post youtube link
  11. It would be awesome if could rebind my quickslot from 5-8 keys to onother keys.
  12. I understand if we have height limit on base building and that's awesome. But I think we should be able to atleast put the roof on because now we loose all floor if they manage to fly in on roof with safezone helicopter and just hop down without raid.
  13. Deno

    See thru

    Hey turret lights shines thru walls (turret is inside in loot room) . Idk if I should report this sorry if u already were aware of it.
  14. Deno


    Hey, if i move way from box while typing amount that i want to transfer and press ESC my screen gliches. Tryed entering chest again does not help, if try to transfer again new window appiers but gliched one stays. (sorry for bad english)
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