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  1. recoil is really low when shooting from third person on all weapons but in first person recoil is crazy as hell to control if you spray bullets.And if they add scopes for ARs you dont have any use for them if you shoot from third person only 1st person shooting will be effected by this and the recoil in 1st is pretty difficult to control already. So i dont agree.
  2. Thanks for quick response. Can't wait for it to be implemented. Cheers
  3. i find out that you cant put base floor when you reach high limit but you can put base roof to cover it.I think its because base floor is connected to idea you can put another wall on top of it and roof works like end part to every building.hope it helps.
  4. Hello, im wondering is there a plan to maybe add some higher magnification scopes in game any time soon? i know vss and other snipers are scope in game by default,but i still haven found one(maybe just bad luck). The map is huge but the most of PvP is happening close-quarters so it would help a lot with PvP aspect of the game. Thank you for making this really fun and nerve wrecking game(music is awesome)
  5. hello i think the lag on servers would become serious problem if they don't wipe bases after season ends. but the other thing about lesser building and upgrading material requirements would be really good idea.I dont usually agree with wiping systems but in this case i can't see it working without wipes.maybe longer seasons? ps. i have no involvement with development just my opinions ❤️
  6. Thank you for fast response. yea im gonna start prioratizing turret parts then. Any idea if in future there could be some servers where raiding is possible every day from lets say 18:00 - 22:00 or something like that depending on server region? Cheers
  7. i got my whole base raided while offline,how is that possible?every chest destroyed and stolen.is offline raiding a game mechanic or there was something iffy with guys who raided me?
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