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  1. hi im a content creator SPOOKDOGG111 i just have a few suggestions, i get that the listing fee is there to stop people flooding the market with fake listings, but a 10% non refundable fee is not balanced its too excessive for new players when listing rare items that sell for 10k or more then when the item doesnt sell you lose 1k or more to remove the listing, i think 5% fee would be much more balanced and would still serve its purpose of stopping spam listings, OR leave it at 10% but maybe allow 1 free listing removal per day might work well? also a price guide showing recent sold item prices so players can get a better idea of what a fair price is to list their items, at the moment there is no pricing guide and the fees are way too brutal it is not encouraging when new players are using trial and error to price their items for sale and just losing all their money to fees because there is no price guide, we need to be able to see recent sold item prices at the very least.
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