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  1. Hello guys, I played this new season and got some clips to do a montage, hope u enjoy it ! Thanks for watching : )
  2. It depends what server you looked to place your land, eu1 to 5 is almost impossible because the season begun 1month + ago, but if you go on another server like eu 10 you'll find it easily
  3. Okay, 2-3 possibilities : - they added friends in their clan who are offline and placed turrets. - they have multiple accounts in their clan.
  4. EU 1 & NA 1 Servers are lagging when it's half full or full since 1 week, and u guys aren't paying attention ?
  5. Hello i'm from France and at the moment, i got 100 ms on EU 1 server. Everyone in the playerlist has a yellow ping, can you fix this ? Overback
  6. Heyo, This new skill rating system is good now but i suggest something, when people are shooting other people and become hostile before the 10 minuts they must drop skill rating if they die by someone. I don't know if u see what i mean Overback
  7. Hey, I just made my 3rd montage for XERA, Thanks for watching
  8. You don't wanna split the playerbase, but what do you think about new guys playing with their friends and they see teams of 4-5 asians or oceanians with 200+ ms ? They insta leave the game if they die and they uninstall it so this is basically the same. Instead of adding ping limit on every servers what about just to change the ping limit on a few servers ?
  9. Hello, Since a few days, we are fighting asians players on EU servers and it has been impossible to play since they use VPN's or just playing on EU servers with 300 ms, getting killed by teams of 5-6 when you are solo is already boring and now you have to fight them and they got 300 ms because they are from another region is really boring. What about adding a ping limit of like 150-200 ms to make this game more enjoyable for new and each players for their region ?
  10. Hello, Do you have an idea about when this bug is gonna be fixed ? because it blocks my team to build their base... Overback
  11. Overback


    alright thanks alot !
  12. Overback


    Hello, I'm wondering why my teammate cannot place his bed in my base and why he keeps getting shooted even when he is in my clan ? Thanks for your answer. Overback
  13. Hello, I'm not able to place a stair anymore in my base it says : Server side verification failed Even when i log out and reconnect back. Thanks for your support, Overback
  14. Hello, This is my 2nd montage on Xera Survival, enjoy
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