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  1. IcedYoshi. There's no splitting in playerbase... As there's no way to communicate with Asians. The ping limit has to come. In a FPS Game, you can not even imagine how many advantages you have with a high ping. If I am on a VPN and have a ping of 300 - 500. I am in a fight. I can peak and deliver 3 - 6 shots (depending on spray or tapping) on my target, before they even see me. It has happened and we went extremely agressive against asian players on EU 12 to get them off the server and force to them play elsewhere, cause we are extremely experienced at playing against high ping asians. You can not tell solo players or players new to your game to get on our level. It takes a lot of games and many thousands of hours to master to compete against high ping players. If I have a ping of 600 and you have a ping of 20. I will absolutely destroy you and you will not even see it coming. Also there is no "splitting" in community as there's no "community" to begin with. They refuse to talk or read english (For the majority). Your reasoning of your team makes no sense. There's a reason why so many games have ping limits and I just called them out. Overback is absolutely right and my team (10+) Players support his idea. If you worry so much about low pop servers. The solution is simple. Decrease servers and stack them on fewer servers. It's that simple. P.S.: We love your game, but this is really... honest criticism. I have to support this friendly guy I never met.
  2. Crafting - Make the crafting queue for "Craft Max" actually craft max and not "Craft 9". - Sort craftable items to the top of the crafting menu. Vehicles - Allow us to leave a vehicle, without waiting for it to fully stop. For example, let us jump out at 10mph and take some damage above that limit. - Natively assign the headlights to "L" instead of "F", it interferes with getting out of the vehicle and turns on the headlights. Menu - Whenever you open your inventory, store the last page you were on and display it again the next time you open your inventory. For example:"I am on Crafting -> Ressources. I close the menu and reopen it. I should be still on Crafting - Ressources and not back to the initial menu position". - If you fill a bottle, do not have it switch positions in the inventory. Food - Big cans should restore more than 10ish hunger. atm. they are pretty pointless. Hunger and Thirst - slightly lower the speed of starvation and dehydration. It feels slightly to fast, even for a survival game. Lowering it by 10ish percent should do the trick. Object LOD - Increase the LOD of doors, gates and windows. Atm. you can look into bases if you are far enough away. Sentries - Remove the fridge noise from the sentries or greatly reduce their sound radius. My base sounds like I am in the middle of Charles de Gaulle Airport. Weapons - FN Scar H is missing a few parts and the UV Map seems broken on the Magazine. As seen here Gates - If you stand in the archway of a gate, you can not close it. - Close the top gap on gates. As seen here Here's how they should look in my opinion -> Click me Groups - Disable Clantags in the "P" menu. It scares people away to see a max group on a 45 pop Server. Server Menu - Go back to "low" "medium" and "high" Server pop, when the update hits with higher pop servers and also remove the playerlist entirely. Overall, love the game so far!
  3. So, tonight I picked up my sleeping bag at our base... Aaaaand this was the result: For some reason half of the base exploded and pieces where flying everywhere.
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