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  1. do you mean a temporary position "ping" visible to all, or just for group/clan members?
  2. Could you please put this up front in the game description, new players very frequently ask what to do. I don't know how many countless times I have read "hit TAB do missions" in ingame chat.
  3. I eventually solved the issue, by downloading and installing OEM drivers for my Realtek HD Audio (Version R 2.82). Symptoms I had: - a "not migrated" event on the Microphone in the Device manager, probably from Windows 10 updates, now using Microsoft drivers (version 10.0.19041.1) - any Microphone I tried was way too low in volume (but working elsewhere.. sort of) - sampling Rate defaults to 48.000 kHz on the playback device, a Microphone may default to 44.100 kHz (changed both to 44.100 kHz) It was already working after uninstalling vendor drivers and using Windows default drivers. Hope this helps some of you stuck on the older rigs.
  4. A few days/nights back we discussed vehicles in server chat, and the idea came up to air-drop them. Still limited in numbers and maybe you need to craft a radio and pay a small fee upon calling. I also hope you will decide to make them lockable at some point, even if they still can be stolen with eg. lockpick.
  5. I agree with you, it would be helpful to see item values in general on the pop-up from inventory to get a feel for it. But since "Marquet" prices do vary a lot this may put too much load on the engine in-game. So in the selling process it could inform of lowest, highest and/or mean sell price as an aid to "right" pricing. I also do have the feeling there is no timeout on the offers which might also meet the end of what you are getting at. Regards
  6. is there a way to change to "voice activated"? the mic symbol always pops on pressing "T". Could it be that i should not configure "push-to-talk" (Alt) in steam voice chat? I have been through Windows with an analog and an USB-Mic, I doubt I overlooked something. Regards
  7. Hi Yoshi, it works in steam, that is what puzzles me. Would it be a big deal to make the microphone icon change when it transmits? Since Discord is asking me for my mobilephone number to join I wont be coming there, sorry (basic instinct). Regards
  8. I have no idea if my microphone is not passed through, or no one cares to answer or can't either. I have no issues with any other application in general, and tried different settings, anything short of forcing App access by registry It would be great to have a "Microphone Test" in the settings.
  9. There are three things about vehicles that bother me, which I would like to bring to attention. 1.The physics when hitting a tree root or dead tree driving at top speed with an ATV is way too unrealistic. I had instances where i was doing loops in the air for at least 10 seconds or more. 2. There is no advantage using roads, you should be going faster than cross country through the woods or water. Since the sound of footsteps change the engine knows what terrain I am on. 3. You can't leave your vehicle unattended, without it being taken by other player, this is especially a nuisance on PvE because You can't even shoot the thief If there was at least some delay when "stealing" the vehicle, like the ATM or supply-drop loot duration, at least I could try to make a run for it. Of course more vehicle types would be great and also craftable ones, but I understand that Servers would be littered with bicycles if you could craft them Thank You for a great game!
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