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  1. It is recommended not to update the game, but also to erase the map, otherwise there will be fewer and fewer players. My teammates have gone to play other games. The reason for me is to wait for the next update of Xera.
  2. Maybe it can increase the refresh probability of the battery, or the damage of the combustion bottle to the building!
  3. I and many of my teammates hope that the sixth season can come as soon as possible. Even if it doesn't come, please clear all the house resources on the map. After all, it's very unfriendly for players who have been growing for 6 months to see new players to the server. Some suggestions are also given below. 1. Try to update the game as quickly as possible, because players feel more and more boring in the later stage, and there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. As the largest building of beauty 2, we are still invincible.[Chinese below] 1、尽可能让游戏更新快一点,因为玩家到后期越来越觉得没意思,贫富差距巨大。我们作为美2最大的建筑,依然是无敌的存在。 2. You can set up some activities of robot attacking home, or players are more likely to attack other people's home, so that others can experience the pleasure of the game. In general, the playability can be improved, and the game is more difficult.[Chinese below] 2、可以设置一些机器人攻击家的活动,或者玩家更容易攻击别人家的设置,这样能让别人体验游戏的打击快感,总的来说就是可玩性再提升一些,游戏难度加大。 3. It is recommended to reduce the number of servers to ensure that players can meet each other. Current situation: there are 45 people, and no players can be found in the whole picture to compete. Players make an appointment in the urban area instead of attacking and defending in buildings or their own homes, which goes against the original intention.[Chinese below] 3、建议服务器适量的减少,以保证玩家能够相互之间遇到。目前情况:满人45人,全图找不到玩家可以竞争。玩家都在城区内进行约架,而不是在建筑或者自己家进行攻击和防御,这违背了最开始的初心。 Note: This is a very good game. New players will pour in every day, but there is no reason for them to stay. It is suggested that the team analyze the problem.[Chinese below] 备注:这是一个非常好的游戏,玩家也是每天都会有新人涌入,可是并没有能够让他们留下来的理由,建议团队分析这个问题出在哪里。
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