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  1. Update I shot the crate and now my 120 alcohol disappeared this really sucks
  2. Also I’d blow it up but it’s in a room with 15 other full crates so it’s not worth the effort
  3. I have a stack of items in my storage that’s too have to pick up is there any fix for this? It would be nice to be able to choose how many you wanna pick up like dropping to solve this
  4. Fbcreepy

    Base gone

    My friend joined me to try out xera and he built an entire base and had some good stuff in the scars Mvts and his entire base is gone . So is one across the river from him that was fairly big and metal . Neither have been inactive so if the dev deleted them that sucks
  5. So I fought two people and killed one of them then got Insta killed by a pistol and engaged them multiple times they killed me and my friend about 3 times each then one of them got banned and our loot didn’t fall on the ground the cheaters inventory disappeared we lost a couple guns and zsh helmets but more importantly we lost a scar and today is the first day we have gotten decent weapons idk if it’s possible to get that back or what. Thanks for the great game and awesome community. Great anti cheat by the way too . This was approximately between 12 and 12:10 pm Friday November 26 USA east server 3
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