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  1. lk805

    Major Glitch

    I met all those requirements before this glitch. I expected there is nothing you could do.
  2. lk805

    Major Glitch

    I was on Oce PVE-3 and I went head on buggy to buggy with my friend. That made my buggy flip way more times than usual, around 20 seconds. Then suddenly, I died via the enviroment. I immediately died again after respawning, then game fully glitched. I had to force quit and restart. When i came back, my death spot was a good 200 meters away, and none of my stuff was there. Only two people were online, and one was my friend, and he said nothing dropped, and I basically just passed him in the buggy. Then he said I appeared near the river, far away on the map for a second, then went offline. So, what the heck? Is this something I have to just accept? I lost a lot of good stuff which wasn’t my fault.
  3. I've been playing on a PVE server. I logged in earlier today and noticed I'm missing a lot of my stuff inside storage. I checked every door and window and everything was locked. What gives?
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