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  1. So basically, poor programming resulted in us seeing an automated timer that we shouldn't have seen. Fine, then since the programmers were able to remove the timer, it seems reasonable that they also could have included a note in the game in place of the timer to indicate that it was in error along with at least some general idea of when we can expect the game to be wiped. Asking me to go to yet a third site (game, this forum, discord) to get the real story about what is going on with a game rather than just allowing me to play the game is not a reasonable response. That would be like me telling you I replied to you in the Candy Crush Saga forum. Go find it, it explains everything. Meanwhile, we are still left with the impression that the game will be wiped at any time, all progress will be lost, and you have done nothing to change that impression.
  2. But the truth is you did set a date. The date was there, the timer was there. It was there for weeks, not a one time mistake. An announcement was made that the game would be wiped and that date passed, so this is now a dying game. Face it, you screwed the pooch on this one making promises you and your company can't deliver. Since progress will be wiped at some future unknown date and you can't tell us if that is minutes, hours, or months away, gameplay at this time is pointless and the game is dead to us. Since you screwed up, you either need to announce a firm date at some point in the future you can actually meet and let the players decide if they want to play until that date, or wipe it immediately and let us start over.
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