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  1. Add new interface design Update physics Add the ability to make beds and grow food Add the ability to repair cars on military or taxi roads Add fishing function Add tents Add the ability to take a trailer on a trailer Add the possibility of animations Update shaders Make the characters more real, not plasticine Add the ability to lie down Add animal traps Add more vegetation for forest density Add atmospheric swamp Change robots to zombies Add new buildings featuring Umbrella bots Add scope shake reduction to gloves Add Healing Herbs remove HP regen Add animals to the ocean and make a ship where things will be that can be captured and captured Add a train to which there will be loot, but to capture it you will need to jump on it by car Add underwater structures Update icons to new ones Add servers from 1 person and no more Add the ability to throw rocks Add the ability to make a crossbow Add new weapon ballistics Add a manual resource processor to metal or something else Add ladder to craft Add cables to buildings Add food to trees Add character illnesses Add a fishing mini game Add flow to rivers Add humidity to the character, cold, heat Add swamp speed reduction to car Remove the spawn in the city and make it near the coast "as if you got through the wreck of a ship or something else" Add submarines Add the ability to fly by plane, helicopter Add the ability to tear clothes Add the ability to make a homemade sight Add the ability to stand and shoot from behind cover Add different sounds with and without clothes (for example, walking in boots and without) Add ability to mutate animals
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