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  1. With the end of season 6 quickly approaching and the begging of season 7 apun us I would like to congratulate the devs on the game they have made, the players that have helped me along, and the start of the new season. I was hoping that for the start of season 7 I would be able to find an active clan that I could join. I hope that the new players are good people and not cheerer.
  2. I think those are some good ideas. Maybe we have the ability to store them inside our bases for a certain amount of time without despairing.
  3. Ok thank you. Thats all I needed
  4. I recently started on a new PVE server and was wondering if people can still raid me or if my new base is safe?
  5. Your using the hammer and right clicking until you see the enter pin option?
  6. How would you like to earn currency? Earning money should be somewhat difficult and rewarding. There can be varying levels of earning money from killing bots to completing a compound event or raiding contaminated zones. What items would you like to see from traders? Meds: Gauze, and bandages Ammo: Different types of ammo depending on trader level (see bellow) Weapons: Same as above different level trader decides level of weapon. What is your vision for how traders would work? I think that there should me multiple different levels of traders ranging from a trader that sells basic low level items to a trader that sells high level items like t3 turret parts or high level weapons. You can sell them resources that you have to many of. You can trade in 100 9mm rounds for 20 .223 ammo. If you trade in 10 gauze you can get one bandage. Different items would have different values that you can trade for. Where would traders be located? I think that there should be one trader that is permanently at a safe settlement. This would be a low level trader because there is almost no risk going here. There should be 2 stationary traders located around the map that has a small SZ located around them to prevent players camping the trader all day. Final there should be a roaming trader that has a changing inventory that has very high end weapons and tools. This trader would not spawn with a SZ located around them and there would be a risk going to them. The wandering trader would not have a shifting inventory but will run out of high tier items until it appears after appears twice with no inventory. I took some ideas from @BlackLightJedi so thanks to him for some of the ideas.
  7. I started playing this season and I have acquired a good amount of resources and tools. I am wondering if when the new season starts will the base i built be reset or will i be able to continue working on it in the next season?
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