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  1. tia for the reply.. yea.. nail in the coffin for me.. not being able to easily move bases is a deal breaker. very poor mechanics and in the mission area I already had a land claim down base built.. cannot place another to finish mission chain not willing to lose all my items in chests cause of this :P.. should allow a 2nd land claim to be placed and have a countdown (6hrs?) on the original land claim.... would allow to setup another base and move gear/items then can manually remove original base
  2. started few days ago, made a simple base but it's in a bad place.. couldn't only place 3 foundations in a L shape.. want to move to a more open clearing but when I tried to place a 2nd claim claims said I could have only one.... how do I setup a new base and move all my chests / items to new ones? if I destroy my current land claim does everything hit the ground and decay? ie.. only 15 mins to setup new foundations /chests and to move stuff? would be nice if you could be allowed a 2nd land claim placement ( to setup and move to a new base) then have the old claim decay within 24 hrs or less?
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