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  1. I have been playing XERA since the first alpha that was ever done and I have tried to keep track of what has being going on since then. I just want to share my thoughts on the game and one of the problems I think the game is going to face long-term. To start I would like to talk about how the game is trying to have two mechanics that do not mix well together. These being "Third-Person Cameras" and "High Damage Headshots". These two things do not mix well in any game. Imagine playing CSGO or Rainbow Six Siege and having the ability to third person peak with your camera around walls, It would give you a HUGE advantage in almost every situation. And on top of the information you gain, its a 1 shot headshot in R6 and 1-2 in CSGO with most weapons, so you would have plenty of time to set up your crosshair to get an easy headshot. The same thing applies to XERA. Its impossible to stop people from camping I understand that. Although you dont have to make it easy for them. As it stands, the AR-15 is a 2 shot headshot to T3 head armor. I believe the UMP and Glock are 3. This mechanic does not work with a third persons game. Simply because the person who has seen you first or who has gotten to a location faster than you has too much of an advantage already with third person. This is fine but when you add a headshot mechanic like the game has currently the advantage is so high people dont even bother fighting in buildings such as the "Apartments" or "Medical". Its just not worth it, to lose your gear to someone sitting in the back with a ump he picked up from a store on the way there. Its not like you get anything special for pushing them. You get the same loot as you would if someone was outside. I dont think you can have a game with both mechanics mixing together, you have to chose. Either you have a third person shooter or you have a first person shooter with the headshot mechanic. I get that there are drones and nades, but I should not have to go and farm up drones and nades every time someone is camping in the back of one of these buildings. There needs to be multiple ways up. I think there needs to be 3 or 4 ways up on every multi- floored building. People need to learn that dying is a part of the game and that is how you get better at playing it. There should not be an easy way out or a safe way to play the game. All it does is split the community into too many places. You will end up with people who have no Idea how the majority plays the game and then you have the majority. Its an annoying issue right now and the game only has 50 players that are active. In conclusion I think the way you fix this problem if you insist on having these two elements mix, Is you make dynamic recoil and no aim resets. The game needs to be harder to aim and skill based instead of it reseting for you and being basically hitscan. Im talking about bullet travel time, bullet drop, different recoils for different guns. At the end of the day the game is good. Its only being made by 1 guy, and I know that its gonna take time. Its a closed alpha so I know its early stages of the game. I think the game has a-lot of potential and I can see it going places in the future.