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  1. Now, I know, and hope there will not be base building but if there is wouldn't be a problem for me, just kinda find it silly since you have the ability to run North and go bank all your items in your "Global Inventory". I think I might have some kind of temporary solution, and possibly a fun one that you could even have a good reason to use the C4. Now, where I am in Tennessee, we have shopping malls, and when they close and lock up the store, It's kinda like a metal garage door that you pull down and just make it to where people cannot enter or have any capability of stealing when the storeowner is gone. We should be able to use those to our advantage if possible for a little "Strongehold" for pvp possibly, or even a option to barricade houses. Block all the windows, push a desk or cabinet in front of the door blocking people from entering without some sort of explosive. I know some of my ideals are farfetched! But still hoping to pop more ideals for other people or seeing the chances of these actually being implemented if they do not require any CRAZY requirements or $$ to do so.
  2. I absolutely love this ideal, as I see some good suggestions already. (My personal thoughts) kind like old school DAYZ, where if you where a thug or a civilian, or just a good guy you would get some kind of clothing showing so, and the higher rep you get you could change it somewhere within the clothing for the + side rep, and the - Side rep would have it's own set of clothes. That being said, each set will have many variations, or customizable color variation. Like, Let's say me and a buddy both had -2500 Rep and we have the SAME outfit from being this rep. My favorite color would be blue and black and I could make the set look like that, and his maybe Red and Green, idk. Dayz / Warz have there own things, and if you where to go into the direction either went, should 100% throw your own spin to make it some crazy Xera Content that people would strive for. Should be a Super RARE Skin set, or Clothing set for people who have been RANK 1 for quite a bit but that's a different suggestion for the future, and hopefully some of my ideals have been helpful or opened some gateways to better ideals! I wanna be able to help the community and game with the best of my ability! <3
  3. I understand why you would want markers due to every other game and making it easier but Josh also stated in his previous post on the group ideal that he doesn't really want to do markers being on the screen. I mean this would probably take more time then Markers but I think it would be more fun and make people be more aware of them people around them. Different Armbands are K.O.S but never know what the future has.
  4. Clan / Crew Armbands. I see a lot of people asking for groups, and within all of those topics, I see your number one response is that you really do not want tags in-game like most. I figured out something but maybe not. Make it to where if you are the LEADER of the crew, you already have like a ARMBAND on right, The Leader can FREELY customize it with some kind of colors "which you can provide" (Hopefully a full list of all colors). And that there be a Emblem, like Skull Crossbones etc, (that's just example). Make TONS of emblems, have the community come up with a lot of custom ideals. Like, Skull With Snakes wrapped around it or something, Idk. Make it kinda visible to see, but obviously you would have to pay attention to each player and make sure they're wearing the correct armband and not kill them, otherwise if they are wearing a different color. Murder em and collect loot!
  5. Have to be extremely rare, or like Josh said. Kill Streaks, maybe VIA Future Airdrops ;).
  6. Now, I saw someone's post about the skinning the AK, which gives me a good ideal, but a extremely common one that is used for a few games. You could go two ways with it, which one you will make money, and make some people upset, but still help you out, or just open world spawns. Make it to where you can find Blue Prints on the ground where you can skin your items, therefore like you said. Exclusive Skin for the AK (Blue). Just do the same for special events, or special skins for people who have participated in all the Stress Test Events. It would be cool to find some GOLDEN AK skins, etc. You could even host events where people would make the skins for you and post them on the forums, have a Strawpoll on which is the best and they be rewarded and have there skin in-game. Just some FUTURE ideals, and to keep it busy and random ;).
  7. Solono


    That will be something I will live for in the future, Fish and Bait with some C4 Hopefully record some clips of wiping clans with some C4.
  8. Solono


    I personally disagree, since C4 is a Powerful explosive. Should 100% be able to use it to your advantage. If you're fighting a player who has C4 and it will suck but that's the luck of the draw. I love the C4 and I wouldn't care if they change it but it should surely be instakill. Especially if you are standing right on it or way to close.
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