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  1. And here I thought my aim was garbage lmao 😂 Neat video though.😘
  2. What don't you like about the game currently?: The game is pretty good considering that alot of content is missing. Looting gets a bit tedious after a while and PvP is not always possible and focused on 1 location ( Redsville). What feature do you think should be #1 priority?: More diversity in loot: More millitary loot outside millitary base / more medical loot outside redsville medic. New weapons between common and rare. ( rn G36 / AR-15 are common and AK-47 / L96A1 are super rare there needs to be something in between ) What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: Improve the map layout as of right now Redsville and Millitary Base are the biggest points of interest without any other location being able to really contest their qualities in terms of loot/pvp. Redsville is to big in generell and other bigger cities need to be added. If you could change anything, what would it be?: Reduce the gap between looting and PvP airdrops. Especially AK-47s seem to be destributed through airdrops regularly while it took me ~80 hrs of nonstop looting to find 1 AK-47 which kinda makes looting for weapons look like it's just not worth it. Oh and give me a reason to lvl further then lvl ~30, 1400 KG GI size being the max. you can reach is boring /= what's wrong about a 3000, 4000, or even like idk 7000 KG GI it has to be filled by someone anyways and there is ppl who basically do nothing then loot when they reach 1400/1400 KG which actually doesn't take that long they can't do the 1 thing they do anymore. Any Final Feedback / Comments / Suggestions: - (maybe later)
  3. Just a general FPS fix for those who played on LOW pre patch and get low FPS after the patch. I also have "low" fps in redville from 80-120 normal FPS to 50-70 FPS in redville.
  4. I know that most ppl have propably figured this out themselves but yesterday I found someone who actually didn't know why his FPS dropped so low and how to fix it. The fix is super fucking simple literally all you have to do is apply your graphic settings again. I think the game tells you that you are still playing on LOW settings while they are actually set to EPIC or HIGH ( default settings ).
  5. I think Joshua thought about adding barricades that can't be placed instantly but I don't know if he really plans to add barricades anytime soon or at all.
  6. Only reason streamsniping is so easy is because PvP is usually only on 1 server so even with a hidden name ppl know you can't be on any other server and for PVE it might help a little but since there aren't that many servers ( and next patch is supposed to reduce the amount of servers even more ) they will find you eventually. Only thing you can try to do is a stream delay for PvP. When this game gets released and has a decent amount of players and servers you might not have to worry about streamsnipers as much but with a small playerbase delay is pretty much all you can do to make it at least harder to snip you.
  7. I'm not even sure if this is a suggestion or a bug report tbh. but every time I move items into my GI they won't stack with those already in it. If I have 10x 9mm ammo in my Inventory and 10x 9mm ammo in my GI and move the ammo from my Inv into the GI I have 2 10x 9mm ammo instead of 1 20x 9mm ammo stack which triggers me to an extend you can't even imagine. Same goes for other stackable items like meds. You can fix it yourself but only as long as you can fit the full stack into your Inv.
  8. You just have to implement currency so that everything is pretty expensive and selected items that are considered rare aren't purchasable. Just basic items like ammo / low-mid tier medics and so on can be bought to a high price.
  9. Alot of people seem to complain about dying way to quick, as I haven't really PvP'ed at all I can't judge whether or not it really is an issue ( I only watched a few streams here and there ) but I think a Pool about this wouldn't hurt. I am a little concerned that if you die to fast camping becomes not only the prefered playstyle but the only true playstyle to succeed. Camping grands you ( usually ) the first shot / the superior position / the surprise factor which will win you alot of fights no matter what but it becomes even more effective when your opponent dies extremely fast.
  10. Shields are fine as long as they are implemented in the way Joshua intends to implement them the only OP thing about shields in games like WarZ is that they can creat instant cover at any time which isn't a problem whatsoever when they need some time to be placed. But they support camping which is why I hope to see granates or smokes which aren't to hard to obtain as a countermeasure. Maybe rare HE nades and common smokes.
  11. Sniper Rifle through the head ... "don't worry I have a defibrillator!" ( well games don't need to be realistic all the time )
  12. In my opinion a very important topic that has to be adressed in order to make XERA the best game it can possibly be is how PVE and long-term motivation should be handled. Most Survival Games don't last all that long because PvP is all there is to it at the end of the day, the AI is unchallenging and the game ends up being nothing more then a lootsimulator mixed with an open world shooter which often gets boring rather fast. Generally survival games try to approach long-term motivation through Basebuilding or progression mechanics ( Skilltree, Reputation, Ingame currency, Global Vault, etc. ) and I think ( or at least as far as I know ) XERA currently lacks long-term motivation. The AI isn't to bad but it faces the same problem ( not being challenging ) and besides a Global Vault there isn't much motivation to play the game other then for PvP. I am aware that this has been partially adressed in " Mission / Task System - Give your ideas! " but since long-term motivation can be created by much more then Missions and Tasks alone I decided to open a separate thread. Possible mechanics that could help with that would be: 1. Ingame currency / Traders 2. LVL system / Skilltree : XP Points gained through LVL UPs can be put in different stats / WarZ style Skilltree - Strength ( increased max. weight / Melee dmg ) - charisma ( influences trader prices / improves quest rewards or even enables new quests ) - luck ( influences droprate on AI ) - endurance ( slightly influences max. HP or dmg. reduction / slightly influences hunger and thirst ) - Marksman ( Reduces recoil ( which might make high recoil weapons hard to controll "early-game" much more reliable later on ( of course they still shouldn't be to good )) / reduces reload time / increases weapon mobility ) Skill ideas: Lockpicking ( Crates on the map which can be opened once every X hours ( opening them consumes a Lockpick 'Rare item' ( can be found / maybe even bought ) Crafting Recipes as Skills : - Learn : Craft X Ammo (10x) - Learn : Craft Y Ammo (30x) - Learn : Craft Z Ammo (30x) - Learn : Craft Selfmade Bandage (1x) - Learn : Craft Improvised light-vest (1x) ( Add craftingmaterials either to the lootpool / traders / both ) ... 3. Quests / Quest-NPCs - Bring X item X amount - Kill X AI ( X location ) - Find X person ( found dead at X location or talk to when alive at X location ) - Protect or escort NPC 4. Add rare treasure items ( Gold ring for example ) can be sold for alot but need to be sold first ( can be lost if you die before you sell them ) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ These would be just a few ideas kinda unsorted and unstructured because I wrote it in a hurry but I think they might still be somewhat helpful. I encourage everyone to share their opionion and ideas.
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