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  1. It's good to see so many familiar faces.
  2. Extensive, cheater's won't get 2nd chance's either. From open world to private server's by yourself. Cheating will be taken very seriously, and will be priority #1 so that each player has an equal playing field and experience. It will be a zero tolerance policy. It's 2018, there's nothing we haven't seen before, no cheater, or his friends will be safe. So just don't do it. If you run with a cheater, your just as guilty.
  3. positive or negative stuff is so washed up and over used in games. Most people are just going to kill each other regardless. You try to go positive, don't shoot another positive, he shoot's you, and you lose your gear. I never paid attention to it, and go negative without trying. 2 man group "hey there's a positive over there, you got to kill him, I can't" but to each their own, everyone has their own taste. Maybe positive or negative but also have ranks for kills. Would be nice to see something new and refreshing, maybe something that hasn't been done before. So keep posting feedback and idea's!
  4. I like it, certain fall damage can be fix, guns have ammo, and maybe street signs or something so it's ezer to find friends and say where you are.
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