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  1. Really cool ideas and a good looking topic! Good job
  2. Hello, Here's my feedback regarding the Reputation System. I think you should be able to go positive or negative. In able to get people more interested in the Reputation System, we could actually add something like a cosmetic set for the positive or negative path. Positive should look like a kind of Police Cosmetic set and Negative should look like a rogue looking set. These two are just ideas. If this goes through, we could discuss on how exactly it should look like. A leaderboard regarding Reputation would be nice but I know this requires quite some work. So people have some kind of competition and something to work forward to. I think many people would love to see this.
  3. Don't worry about that Irvin, it's not gonna be like WarZ. Joshua knows what he's doing. Please see: https://trello.com/b/qP1zgsex/xera-game-roadmap U can kinda see what's coming and what.
  4. I would love see such thing @IrvinSoSerious
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