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  1. Stress Test 9 - Open Date Announcement

    Few more days left!
  2. Key

    Hey ne0xXx! 1. Join the Discord Server 1. Make sure your Discord Account is linked to your Forum Profile, here. 2. Create an application here 3. Once you have submitted the application, wait for Joshua or Strawberry to accept your application. 4. Once your application has been accepted, go to the Discord Server and go to #request-key and type !key I hope this answered all your questions
  3. Screenshot Competition #2 - Voting Open

    Very hard. Screenshot 10 and 7 is I think the best looking ones in my opinion.
  4. Stress Test 7 - Finishing Summary

    Congratulations @Tommy!
  5. Please visit: https://forums.xeragame.com/topic/171-community-tester-applications/
  6. Hello, Here's my feedback regarding the Reputation System. I think you should be able to go positive or negative. In able to get people more interested in the Reputation System, we could actually add something like a cosmetic set for the positive or negative path. Positive should look like a kind of Police Cosmetic set and Negative should look like a rogue looking set. These two are just ideas. If this goes through, we could discuss on how exactly it should look like. A leaderboard regarding Reputation would be nice but I know this requires quite some work. So people have some kind of competition and something to work forward to. I think many people would love to see this.
  7. Free Look Camera Limits

    I think that the Camera should be limited so you are only able to look left and right. Having the ability to look behind you ruins one part of the gameplay: You can no longer sneak up on people when you are able to look behind you. Able to look 360° is fine for me too, just giving me honest opinion about the situation
  8. Reputation and Group/Crew System?

    Don't worry about that Irvin, it's not gonna be like WarZ. Joshua knows what he's doing. Please see: https://trello.com/b/qP1zgsex/xera-game-roadmap U can kinda see what's coming and what.
  9. Minimap or Compass

    I would love see such thing @IrvinSoSerious
  10. In total, I have found 3 Golden Eggs but lost them. Managed to save 1 tho.