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  1. wiping every 2-3 months is a certified game killer.
  2. People are not leaving due to an inability to efficiently farm loot, people are leaving as they are getting bored from playing. there are currently only two different events in the game, compound fists and airdrops, ultimately dropping mid-tier or even low-tier loot. Yes, I know he plans to add more, and maybe more players will return when there are more things to do, but that is what I believe to be the largest problem (for me) rn. I have 150 hours in the game already, and have not yet once seen a vss or l96 that wasn't on the back of Joshua in a safe zone.. the loot here is not intriguing, but the pvp is.
  3. no lockers, just add a pvp global inventory area
  4. warz loading system not for this game, but shields would be a great addition
  5. new servers come from (no group tag servers, beginner servers, 2 person group limit servers) --- not sure if he will edit current servers and leave a few completely default or expand and get more, which is where I was coming from. drone transportation to global inventory... just why? the drone's do not have enough signal to go that far so it would be pointless to not just run in safe zone and bank yourself. and you may be thinking... what if you are hostile! I'd rather log and go to different server, but that's just me, much easier than going 1 item at a time. otherwise. yes
  6. josh is adding a server type with no group tags, it is contradictory to add a ping system as it makes the game soo much more easy, legit no team coms required.
  7. why base building. why drone transporation. why helicopter extraction. why more servers when there arent enough to fill up the ones you already have. why ping system. expand to more than 40 players expand current map and furnish shit, not make new one!! ok that was my rant for roadmap. gg i will keep playing though.
  8. didnt read it yet, but agreed with everything.
  9. Being able to access your global inventory from anywhere unless you are hostile is a mind-boggling idea to me and would not be advantageous towards the game's longevity. The system is perfectly fine just the way it is; however, I do feel once they expand the maps, the movement of the safe zone's location to even further away and adding player vs. player global inventory stashing areas, where you can bank even if hostile, would be perfect. Additionally, the hostile timer is long enough as is.
  10. nvm, I was in brazil servers though farming up, I may have killed u idk
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