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  1. derTisch

    The Medic campers

    Video 6/10 Gameplay 8/10 Singing Skills 9999/10
  2. derTisch


    There are robots bro ROBOTS dont tell me anything about realism lol
  3. derTisch


    why do a limit on the heli? makes no sense in my eyes becuase it comes every 5 minutes and its the only way to get fast to pvp areas
  4. derTisch


    They should add workshop mode that player are able to create there own map and these maps could be voted in the Forum. So the devs dont need to focus on maps and have more time for other developing stuff ... its just an idea
  5. derTisch

    How I got my first L96!

    Nice haha your reaction is awfull
  6. derTisch


    Keep up the good work dude .. haters are everywhere .. maybe the Devs could do something like a Map-Workshop where people like you can create citys, Bases or anything else and the created map can be voted in Forum and the map with the highest votes will be able for 7 days - 30 days until a new map was voted ..
  7. derTisch


    First of all you should add that you can see on wich server you are Second you should make airdrop more rare and with a higher loot table thats it is actually worth fighting and opening maybe when most people agree with this make Day/Night cycle longer = Day 1 Hr Night 30 min
  8. derTisch


    Probs to you man this airport looks sexy .. they should be more loot able areas and more Super robots like in ISS instead of nothing and no Enemies
  9. derTisch

    If youre addictet to Xera

    Yesterday i reached 1000 Minutes of Survived time and i wasnt standing afk in the Safe or camped like a Rabbid ... i was farming all day and killed 5-6 player After 1123 Minutes i died from a friendly grenade https://prnt.sc/o22c4o
  10. derTisch

    Game is already boring

    Same people crying about 1vs4 ... its not theire fault if they have friend i personaly play with not more than 2 players in my group and its fine .. There are planty ways to get players to play with instead of crying because you died in a 1vs4 ..
  11. derTisch


    Bugly city looks like Clearview .. i think there is no need of one more city .. something new like a prison or school would be cooler since there is so much space on the right and the left side of the map
  12. derTisch


    I mostly agree with this one but i guess it will come in the next patches
  13. derTisch

    Sniper in-game

    I saw a lot of people with l96 but sadly im almost level 32 and i didnt found any snipe yet my friend just killed one who had l96 in his hands so idont know
  14. Imagine you pvping with a sniper, you killed some people and your a hostile so an other player kills you and got your snipe and because you was hostile he is not and can Instant stash the sniper in his Global and you have no chance to get your stuff back .. but in my opinion there could be some stash spots where youre not safe but you can safe your stuff into your global or a heli coming to city where you can stash your stuff just like in TheDivision where people still can kill you while stashing
  15. derTisch

    3 Biggest Issues that needs fixing ASAP

    1. Hackers are in every single game .. you cant protect a game 100% against hackers 2. this is not DayZ 3. There are enough ways to play with other players .. all people complaining about groups .. man if you dont want 1vs2 ,1vs3, 1vs 4 go find people to play with ..