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  1. TheDuke

    Game is already boring

    The game is rather campy due to the huge disatvantage you put yourself in when pushing. But there are people who really like that... While many ask for shields to help the agressive player theres also people who ask to remove the insta medding. There will always be two sides to this and in the end its up to Joshua to decide what is happening next.
  2. TheDuke

    3 Biggest Issues that needs fixing ASAP

    My gang? Because the majority of players agree with me they are 'my gang'? I'm flattered you think this way but that's not how it works buddy 😘 😘 I didn't abuse the recoil glitch either and think the SR reset was needed BTW. I also never argued against solo/duo servers if that's what you're trying to say. You're putting up strawmen again sugar 😘
  3. TheDuke

    Sum montage

  4. TheDuke


    High pop is 2500 if i am not mistaken?
  5. If they were to implement a map like the one you suggested that would be a must, yes. But I'm personally happy with the current one, it just needs more cover here and there.
  6. He means that when you have two big cities like that the pvp will split between city A, city B, Airdrops and events. So you would have less PvP and more running.
  7. TheDuke


    Loot on low pops is currently 72% of what it is on the highest pop. I agree looting gets really boring. But its not like you just stepped out of sz and were stacked within 30 minutes in the old system either.
  8. TheDuke


    That has nothing to do with the drop rates on loot though :s
  9. About the compound change. I think the main difference right now lies in the fact the surface area a team needs to hold has increased and dropping into a compound from the heli is, I feel, much easier. I also think it's more fun this way with the more complex layout. But I agree, pushing from outside of it by foot hasn't changed a whole lot.
  10. TheDuke


    I think OCE players will always have a difficult time in smaller games. I think the best thing you can do when OCE servers are low on population is play on Asian servers. If they're located in Hong Kong you should have about the same ping as a central-european playing on an american east coast server.
  11. Its not terrible. Its just that the AR-15 is now the go to gun on range and SMG's dominate short range. So in my experience from playing today mid-rarity bracket weapons are now least viable.
  12. TheDuke

    Recoil is ridiculous :(

    Thats not exactly right. I feel like the AR-15 is now more viable on range than G36 or Scar-L while SMG's are more viable on shorter ranges. This means that weapons in the mid-rarity bracket are now least viable. Atleast thats what I'm making of it ATM. Don't see why i personally would take a Scar or G36 when i can just take an AR.
  13. TheDuke

    Wipe soon ?

    Note how it says 'may be' and not 'will be'. This is what Joshua said in this very threat already.
  14. TheDuke

    3 Biggest Issues that needs fixing ASAP

    Love you too sugar 😘