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    Ingame economy.

    If you allow guns to be molten down into scrap people will go for what they get most value out of. Their inventories will still be stacked with the rarest guns while they melt down their lets say AR-15's, or other weapons if their GI is stacked. So this doesn't fix the issue, people will never melt down a VSS, L-96 or AK unless their GI (and everyone elses GI) is full of them. And thats what should be avoided to maximize the feeling of being rewarded when you kill a guy that has one of those on him, it keeps the PvP more interesting. I think helmets breaking that fast would be very bad and simply annoying. 1-2 shots is way too quickly. Helmets should have to be durable enough to last several PvP's. But a balance has to be struck between the durability and rarity as to make it so not everyone is wearing them all the time whereas other helmets that offer less protection should be common enough for everyone to be able to wear them.
  2. TheDuke

    Ideas for the Game

    Double pistol is fine. voice chat for groups doesn't seem necessary as everyone uses TS or Discord to communicate. I think the Apex Legends ping system would take a lot of time to implement while theres more urgent issues and better things to focus on.
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    You don't want to play hide and seek like a pussy but thats whats happening. Camping is made way easier by the fact noone has shields. Having shields adds a whole new dimension to the pvp and allows for more ways to outplay. I understand the decision to not add them as theres people who like, and dislike it. But what you said is just ignorant. As it stands right now ive been in many situations where one guy is standing behind his piece of cover, and I behind mine. With no places for cover inbetween. Whoever gets bored first and pushes puts himself at a huge disatvantage, which punishes agressive play.
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    Ingame economy.

    A system where guns take damage when a player dies with it could mitigate the stacking issue. But i really feel like something has to be done here.
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    biggest tank?

  6. TheDuke

    Ingame economy.

    Then it seems to me thats an issue. If weapons keep entering the ingame economy, and non leave it, everyone will end up with a GI full of the best available guns. So then whats the point of having rare weaponry? I'm all for having common spawns so people can PvP, but if it stays like this it will only take a month or two, three before noone will care about getting what are now considered rare drops. Not to mention how many snipers will end up in the game while they're supposed to be a rarity so the game doesn't become a giant sniper fest.
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    Brightness and more

    Yeah, i noticed this was an old topic. But thought it might still help out others if not you ^^
  8. TheDuke

    Brightness and more

    Right click on desktop Select NVIDIA control panel On the left hand menu select 'edit video colour settings' Select 'use NVIDIA-settings' Change the brightness and contrast sliders to be set to 100% https://gyazo.com/66e716786d6b601896535a8584eba49a The instructions are, probably poorly, translated from Dutch to English so they might not be 1:1 the same. Obviously only works for NVIDIA cards.