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  1. Banana

    Map Progress Update #11

    Looks great man, keep it up
  2. I feel you on that, but it time spent won't matter, if you deserve to be in the higher ranks, it will be due to having higher kill count than death count in the end, and even if you only play 2 hours a day, you will slowly increase. The reputation system caters to casuals, and a leaderboard/ranking system is supposed to be competative, not for casuals, so I guess what I'm trying to say is that i personally prefer the more hardcore style myself, even if I can't play 8 hours a day, i would still prefer the leaderboard with K/D/A.
  3. Hi, as a competative player, i've experienced a ton of different kinds of ranking systems, but as I explained in the discord, I feel like the idea i had was a pretty good base. Having brackets like, 0-500 rating (gain 3 points for higher brackets/lose 1 point to people same bracket) 501-1000 (gain 1 for killing lower brackets/gain 2 for killing same bracket/lose 2 to same or lower) 1001-1500 (gain 3 for same bracket, 1 for lower brackets/ lose 3 for lower brackets, lose 3 to same or lower) Cosmetic unlocks or some sort of reward every 250 rating you gain, with better rewards for every bracket you unlock