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  1. There are 4 ATV spawns, Pleasent, Bunker, Nator, Ridgeway roadblock area
  2. The thing is compound events, airdrops, and looters are splitting the pvp. Making another big city on this small map will legit make actual city pvp rare
  3. Dont think of it as glitching him, think of it as out playing a robot. I farm nator and airport all the time and have no issue with it ever. All you need to do is be far away shoot him and pull and jump on top of something tall.
  4. Having 2 huge citys side by side like that would just be to chaotic IMO
  5. To answer your issue with meds. Your playing a faster-paced pvp survival game that has taken the med idea/mechanic from warz/ss/newz and had no issue what so ever, the med system currently is perfectly fine with a few flaws but overall being able to move and med is fine. You state that a solo can only kill players close range with an auto wep. This is completely false this is more of an aim issue your having with hitting headshots. And making you have to med standing still will give more of an advantage to groups and make it harder for solos.
  6. Glitching the boss is perfectly fine, you're not supposed to be able to face tank him. It's fine the way it is.
  7. Visibility- First let's talk about FOG. This game was made with Warz/SS players in mind with faster-paced PVP. Adding FOG into a game that you want faster-paced PVP in and have third person peaking is just a big no no. You're forcing players to hold angles and play slowly and rewarding players that camp but then giving no outplay potential for players who do play aggressive. Now for NIGHT TIME. Night can be done right, but NVGS are legit fucking awful. When you turn on night vision I don't want my goddam screen to turn into a 420P Green Screen. Either Fix nighttime being pitch black(Add moonlight like SS), fix night vision, or just remove nighttime overall and make servers day time only. FPS/Recoil- This needs to be fixed ASAP, right now it's legit impossible to tell if people are good at controlling recoil or lasering you because they got a fat advantage for locking their fps or having a dinosaur pc. When fixed the dev stated that the 90fps recoil was the intended recoil. Now let's be honest after playing this game for 60+ hours, this "recoil" is a joke. Im not even a high sens player and I don't even make it half way down my mousepad full spraying with 30 bullets. Fully spraying people at 100m+ should take time to learn let alone be really hard to do. Make it so guns have better spray patterns (Rust/CSGO) with left to right curves or add ALOT more vertical recoil also add recoil reset times. Private Servers(Adding More Servers) - Right now the game has an average of 700 player peak daily, Adding more servers FPP and Private servers will split the community by an insane amount and drive people to quit the game just because of how many low pop servers there will be with no PVP and only a few High pop's. No one enjoys pvping the same group over and over for 3 hours, Reduce the number of servers so servers are more saturated with players increasing the loot tables and removing 1 pop andy farmers. Private servers are LEGIT going to kill the game. Having the community pay for servers to farm adds a pay to win incentive because you are removing the "survival" aspect out of the game and letting people farm in peace. If private servers will ever be added (Which you advertised in the Kickstarter)the game is done for. Private servers should only be made for private event hosting for clan pvp/tournaments or streamer events. Total Events on the server- Right now there are Airdrops and Compound events. These are 2 Events on timers and then just PVP around the map. Compound events on high pop servers last between 3 minutes of pvp or 1 hour of stronghold holding. There needs to be more reason to go into citys and pvp. Right now with only Compound events and airdrops you're forcing players to rotate constantly, push compound, get gear, run to safezone/log. Compounds- Right now compounds help by a group of 4 is almost impossible to push into. You can place c4 on doorways, Freelook in the tower without being seen, 3P peak doors, and have no cover pushing into compounds. Compound events end in 2 ways. You drone swarm the people inside the compound and blow them up and take over and hope that the next set of people pushing don't do the same. Or you push towards the compound and die. You need to add more ways into the compound. It shouldn't be 4 doorways and completely symmetrical make it have some holes in the walls, ladders over the wall, and add more cover but don't make it tents only. Make compounds into more a ruin that was destroyed than a military base. Shields & Med Cooldown/Weapon Holster- Right now currently in any type of PVP situation the person camping has a MAJOR advantage over the player that's playing aggressive. This is totally fine other then the fact that the game is entirely third person. Im sure you can already tell, over time the game will slowly die out if theres no outplay mechanic. Right now its 50/50 gunfights and yolo pushing. Now there are many ways you can add an outplay mechanic without adding shields if you really don't want to. 1) Remove meds holstering your gun and allowing shooting after medding 2) Reduce med cooldowns& increase health gained (Solo players will be able to med quickly and players with better aim can take aim duels and win and reset allowing them to 1v4) 3) Fix TTK with full auto guns. 4) or just add combat shields (warz/ss) but make max carrying of 2-6 shields depending on backpack size and even add a cooldown to shields if you want players to place shields carefully instead of being based on instinct of being shot at. Drones/Grenades- Right now playing as a solo player is suicide. Any group of 4 will have at least 2 drones ready to obliterate your ass no matter where you hide. Drones need a major overall IMO. Drones should be used as recon to push around the city's safely not as a weapon, there is a reason why grenades exist. Drone battery life is also a joke. Drone battery should have a max of 3-5 uses before the battery needs to be changed(Via Crafting). Now grenades, Grenades need a giant overhaul, the number of times that I've thrown a grenade to watch it glide through the air in slo-mo is hysterical. Also jumping with grenades to gain a bit of height and then tossing the grenade 30ft to the left or right. Snipers- Don't get me wrong, AR PVP is really fun as you can't just instantly die, but now with the rarity of snipers in the game and the fact that its a hitscan gun with no drop is just as bad IMO. Snipers being more common to an extent with bullet drop and travel speed will do less harm than what you think. Right now the only way to do long range gunfights and win is 3 tapping in the head, if the person has a tree/building to hide behind then it just becomes another head glitch camp fest. Making snipers more common but having a skill gap with it will reduce the amount of head glitch camping and standing still 3P behind a wall/tree. Building/Appartments- All buildings should have multiple ways in and out. If any building has some sort of narrow choke, there needs to be some sort of way to push/peak the choke without pushing the choke. An example would be making apartments in reds have a staircase leading to the rooftop and having holes in the roof(From the bombing of reds every x min) and making the apartments different heights so you can do rooftop jumping. Some houses your able to jump shoot through windows and there's no safe space in a house, but then there's also houses which have safe places and the only way to kill the person is to push the choke. Wiping- Currently Wiping the GI will kill the game. The only time a GI wipe will be acceptable is if you preplan a date far ahead, or if a game-breaking dupe bug is found. I'll tell you right no player that has farmed for 10 hours or pvped for days to get there GI will want to do it all again for fun. PvE as some people may find it fun majority dont. Making everyone restart from square one in a fast-paced pvp game where gear is crucial making everyone start over will just make people quit as its not extremely fun farming. The whole goal of a GI is for it to build up and have an inventory of gear to PVP with. Currently, no matter what gear comes and goes pretty quickly pvping so making people lose all their progress only one month in the game is a really dumb idea. Respawn/Helicopter- Currently Getting Squad wiped Sucks. Sometimes you spawn all in the same safe zone, sometimes you don't. Now you or forced to /respawn wait 10 seconds then hope that the 100 XP was worth losing to get across the map or 500xp. Helicopter liftoff time is fine but there's no reason for it to take 30 seconds to turn a direction before flying. Also, there should be a group spawn/instant travel between safe zones. Theres no reason if you want to travel between safezones you have to wait for the heli to come back or /respawn, it's simply a dumb mechanic and flawed. SafeZones- Right now if you wipe a squad of 4 and have an inventory of loot trying to back into the safezone in the same server is near impossible. If your hostile and have to wait 6 minutes while that group can continue to push you and reset the timer you have no option but to log off and go to another server and bank, and let's be honest by the time you respawn and the groups you will be coming they are already logging off. There should be area's around the map allowing you to bank in areas but have open PVP. It will allow players to stay on the server and still bank without having to worry about waiting for a 6-minute timer. Having people instantly log after looting your gear is pretty disappointing, as the game is solid without many crash issues, personally, any PVP should tag you hostile shoot first or shot at first, and not allow logging(The only people like combat logging are bots who hoard loot) Crosshairs- Add more crosshair customization. Size,Opacity,Gap size,Colors, etc.
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