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Found 3 results

  1. So I was playing last night with some buddies when we came across an air drop that has been on the map for a good amount of time but nothing crazy. I went up to the package and as soon as i interacted with it to open, it disappeared. Not sure if this is a one off glitch/bug so i came here to show what happened. Hopefully this will help Josh fix it? Anyway heres the video of it.
  2. So me and my teammates decided to get a few drones out and absolutely rain terror on a squad who were doing the bunker event. They didn't seem to know what was happening at first until they figured out that they could actually shoot down the drones. With many unsuccessful attempts they finally shot down one of my teammates drones, and while killing the drone, it also killed him in the process. Now I'm not so sure if this is intentional or not but it could do with a fix as it kind of ruins the use of drones at this current time. Apart from that, kamikaze drones are stupendously fun.
  3. Anizter1997

    supply drop bug

    This box can't open and when we touch it, we died