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Found 16 results

  1. I can clip it if you need it, but we were raiding tonight and I put like 8 c4 directly on a reinforced door and it did absolutely no damage to it after blowing up. Happened multiple times. Started doing it one by one in hopes it would help a little. Very Frustrating bug it takes a lot of time to farm materials for C4 for it not to work at all.
  2. Не могу подключить к аккаунту игры другой аккаунт Твича. Не получается пере зайти в другой аккаунт Твич
  3. Today I was playing early in the morning got off at 12:30 and got back on at 3:00 and Played OCE-1 and I was met with a black screen (thats never happend before) And im still waiting for it to load pls fix this bug.
  4. Bug Type (Mechanic/Map/Graphical/Other): Graphical Describe the issue as best you can: If you send someone a trade request, and they only accept when you are looking at your GI at a safe zone, you'll get stuck inside your GI and the only way to come out is by closing the game. Location bug happened: North/South settlement Screenshot / Video of the issue: Don't have one
  5. So I was playing last night with some buddies when we came across an air drop that has been on the map for a good amount of time but nothing crazy. I went up to the package and as soon as i interacted with it to open, it disappeared. Not sure if this is a one off glitch/bug so i came here to show what happened. Hopefully this will help Josh fix it? Anyway heres the video of it.
  6. Hi all, any clue is this will take some hard work? Cheers
  7. So me and my teammates decided to get a few drones out and absolutely rain terror on a squad who were doing the bunker event. They didn't seem to know what was happening at first until they figured out that they could actually shoot down the drones. With many unsuccessful attempts they finally shot down one of my teammates drones, and while killing the drone, it also killed him in the process. Now I'm not so sure if this is intentional or not but it could do with a fix as it kind of ruins the use of drones at this current time. Apart from that, kamikaze drones are stupendously fun.
  8. It seems all of the chain link fencing in the game has a glitch where you can only shoot through one direction. I included two pictures showing which way you can shoot through and which way you will not be able to shoot through. Edit: This happens on all of the chain fencing like this on the map I have encountered so far. Edit 2: I don't know if this will help, but it seems one side of the fence during bullet collision is "blocking" bullets whereas the other side is "ignoring" bullets. Edit 3: It looks like the base of the fence may be one of the factors involved in the bug. Added more photos
  9. This box can't open and when we touch it, we died
  10. it seems that if you spam right click individual items of the same type to put them in your stash, it doesnt store them all and some vanish into thin air. i had 12 cantines that i took out to fill with water and when i spammed right click to put them all back in quickly i was only left with 8, then i tested it again with 8 and was left with only 5. i just tried it again with bottles of water and started with 5 and it ended with only two being put back in the stash and the others vanished. very easy to reproduce. on a side note, i cant imagine how many AR's ive lost from this LOL
  11. You got into some rocks.
  12. I found a house that has 2 doors on the same spot. In a house of "Redsville City", I tried to show the exact location in the video Xera 2018.12.08 -


    drone blew me up threw tree, didnt die but did max dmg
  14. Hello, my auto run don't stop when i press my "move forward" key. i have to press my "move left" key to stop autorun which is usually Q on azerty keyboards. This is also the usual "move forward" in qwerty who actually (should) stop the autorun. so it might be related to azerty/qwerty keyboards settings or something like that? ps: also when you interact with npc in safe zone character didnt stop to run when autorun activated, not sure its still a thing or if its alrezdy fixed. keep up the good work! cheers ❤️
  15. After you relog to the server the scope goes away. P.S. Also, I don't know if it was intended, but everything that your person has is visually displayed on him inside the inventory except his helpet and grenades, if I'm not mistaken. Not a big deal, just looks strange
  16. Bug Type (Mechanic/Map/Graphical/Other): Graphical/Other Describe the issue as best you can: The game literally freezes every 2-6 seconds and if it freezes for longer it crashes like it did in the video i posted. No one else around me was effected by this. This happens whenever i enter a server with more than 4 people on it. Otherwise i would have smooth 50-60fps. It also freezes in the middle of gun fights and freezes during gear setup at both settlements. Location bug happened: Redsville City Screenshot / Video of the issue: https://clips.twitch.tv/ThirstyTriangularJellyfishVoteNay
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