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Found 1 result

  1. When the loot was set to be heavily dependent on player population I was pretty excited. Too be fair, at the time, I had all the loot in my 'G.I.' I'd ever need, and I haven't really been able to stash loot from a kill since I was level 25. I only play the game when there are people on since I refuse to farm robots for EXP anymore at level 35. Of course there are items here and there I can cut out, but I was already filling up with Scar-Ls before AR-15 nerf. I also feel like the guns are way too close in variance but I see on the roadmap that something similar to bullet drop and actual travel time might be introduced, which may be a necessary delay for gun balance. I remember one of the staff, I think it was Joshua himself, said that when he changed the loot to 800-2400(rough numbers) for low to high population respectively. Then many people complained and he buffed low population loot spawns. Honestly though, why did we not just get a 'G.I.' wipe at the same time as a loot table shift? When all these people were trying the game for their first time, DURING the loot nerf, a lot of us were already stacked in our 'G.I.' and we just run around killing people. That would be a reasonable thing to be frustrated over and I assume a lot of the complaints were from that. The other half of complaints I can only see being from strictly looters, and if you want to balanced the game for them, then go for it, I am not telling you who to balance your game for. But if you are trying to satisfy everyone, you will never reach that point. Some people complain because they see something they assume is a 'problem' and they suggest 'solutions', or the only 'solution' that practical is something that creates a different problem. We can't always know whats best for us, and of course I myself even don't always know best, but I do know what is stopping me from playing and what would be very likely to motivate me to play once again. Personally, I view that previously mention problem as the staleness I feel in the loot. I really, like the new civilian bunker and helicopter crashes, and thank god you doubled the crate openings so I can run into someone at it. But the same issue persists, common loot, is simply too close in balance to rare loot. I am mainly referring to the AK and Scar-H being rare, and use the rarest AR ammo type, yet the Scar-L's recoil goes in one direction, UP. Sure the AK has an easy recoil and I hope still two taps to the head since latest change, but the same issue with the AR-15 before is going to show in the Scar-L, hell it was showing before the AR-15 got nerfed. I just checked the recoils as I was typing to make sure its still the same, and it is. An airdrop, as far as I know, is a guaranteed gun, and unless someone is a very poor shot, all the ARs are pretty reasonably similar at most ranges but close up for a majority of the player base. My point is that, unless I am at range, and I get two clean head shots with an AK, my time to kill is the same with any of the ARs. Which is fine, because close up the balance starts to show itself more, but since, again, a majority of the player base like to play third person, hold angles and quick peek or get a jump on you. There isn't much in the difference in gun you use in those situations unless you want to argue some ideal scenarios, all the guns kill, which is fine, and expected. I feel like this game at the moment is a handful of people hopping on with friends, gearing up at safe zone, running to the Pvp, dying or winning, stash or move to next Pvp spot until you die, rinse and repeat. Maybe its just me, but a bad day makes your 'G.I.' look like its shrinking, but a good day overfills it by far. I actually started bringing out 4 medical kits, 3 nades, and 2 drones in excess to my normal kit every run, because I want to stash loot again, and I shouldn't have to de-spawn my items. I totally understand that there may come a time, especially for people who play more, that might just hit that 'G.I.' cap, but I have been there since my second day playing, and it was alright at first because I leveled quickly. I come from the better half of the previous loot and shoots, and in every one I have played, I have needed to do solo looting pretty much every day to refill my 'G.I.' with one item or another. Let me say this, my favorite feeling is the adrenaline rush from those fights where I am solo looting in the morning or near noon, and my friends aren't on yet, and I run into a duo, or ANOTHER SOLO, and we fight over the privilege to loot the town and the hard earned loot we have already been grinding for. But in XERA: Survival, I kill other players in order to find loot and I wouldn't dare go out of the safe zone without a full kit of gear because I almost would rather lose items than receive them. Now of course, how can I only point out my view of problems with out an ounce of constructive solutions. I think the loot needs to be scaled with population at a pretty drastic value, perhaps the original 800 was too low, but its a good place to use as reference. But this nerf of the loot tables needs to be in conjunction with a G.I. reset. Some people don't see this as a problem, I truly don't see how, aside from people who don't have the opportunity to play the game a lot, and some of the younger generation that are quick to choose instant gratification sources of entertainment. If 'all' loot across the board is made more rare, then when your 'rare' loot happens to be an AK or another desirable gun or item, it will feel really good to acquire it, like a treat on what already is a slight grind. It goes without saying, that while new guns will be coming in the future, and we already have a new vest, the present balance doesn't match with rarity. On the other end of the spectrum, instead of nerfing guns below the rare guns, it would be just as realistic to close the gap of drop chances. On top of a which, I think an easy way to do gun rarity is to make newer guns stronger than present guns upon release to make a surge of players to farm the new gun. I can completely understand this may read as slightly extreme, but there is a middle ground somewhere for loot balance and I am trying to point that out as an extremely important aspect of the game that needs to be addressed. Point Breakdown (TL;DR: Loot tables need to be reevaluated to balance rarity of item with how well item performs, and should be taken seriously.) Pick an audience to focus on and don't cater to a minority group of players in a way that impacts the majority Loot balance and G.I. wipe (need to go hand in hand) Gun Balance with matching rarity (or looting isn't satisfying)