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Found 2 results

  1. So it takes forever to craft wood planks. I was thinking making the craft max button actually craft all thats possible to craft in your backpack. And then instead if craft one, there is a box to specify a certain amount made. While i agree that the game is suppose to be hard and stuff take awhile to make, i think the recipes need some tweaks and the ability to have wood planks almost self craft just because they are so time consuming.
  2. Ok, so finally I want to post my feedback, opinion and some suggestions about CURRENT state of the game - Closed Alpha. I have thousands of hours in other PvP/Survival games, so I guess I have enough experience to talk about these things and understand what actually happens here. Don't worry I know everything is subject to change, all things are very raw and WIP atm and yes I know there's one man making this game, but I wanted to share what the game feels like atm to prevent some issues in the future, resolving the balance issues, some bugs and overall make the game feel much better + some ideas and suggestions will be given. REMEMBER IT'S ONLY A PERSONAL OPINION AND JUST HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE GAME AS OF RIGHT NOW. Let's start with suggestions: 1. I would somehow make its so when there's no one on the server all the doors would close again or maybe make it so if the door haven't been touched for a long time it will close by itself when there's no players around. Just a small thing to know if there was someone here or not lately. 2. Button for dropping items, just a button, maybe something like Delete, so you can drop stuff when you hover your mouse over it. Would help in tough situations. 3. Make days and nights last slightly longer, somewhere around 20-25%. Full day goes to fast in my opinion. 4. Make it so when you pick up different things it goes straight to the quick slot, like meds atm are just being picked up. Like when you pick up a better backpack it automaticaly wears it over smaller one. Such things make life really easier in the game. To do the same with armor, forgot how it works right now tbh. And also would help to change the models of backpacks and not just by color, but I guess new models will come in the future. 5. Make it so your character can jump over really small fences, because now it looks hillarious and really messes up PvP between player. I guess this was made so in the future there will be skill system, so you will be able to jump higher and run faster, but I think as of right now we don't have it, would be better to just temporarly make the character jump higher. And also the collision of those fences atm are really off, the collision box is bigger than it's actual model in game and air above it can block your gun shots. 6. Melee system is really in a bad state atm, it just goes more by luck and random, than by actual skill. You can aim wherever you want, but sometimes it just two hit in humanoid's head and sometimes you have to make 5. Make it so it depends more on where and how you aim, because you know how to kill the humanoids with an axe, and less about random animations playing when you swing your melee. Atm it's more ez to just shoot those with a pistol rather than silently killing them taking one hit with 2 headshots with an axe. Much easier. 7. Would suggest to make drop amount feature like it's done in the GI, just simply pressing Shift and dragging it over the top, than the box appeares and you choose the amount to drop. 8. I guess it would be much better to have additional slot for night vision googles separately from the helmet or you could find the mixed one and use it, because of higher protection and less weight. Atm it looks like you can wear both, but not allowed to. 9. Being able to stack things in GI, already have a mess in my GI with lots of piles of the same item types. 10. Improve grenade animation or just make it work faster. First of all sometime the nade doesn't fly where the marker is, just goes slightly of and second is that animation goes kinda slow, so you have a marker you press a button, than you can move your camera like full second later and nade will drop close to you and you get hit. 11. Maybe some kind of energy drink for temporarily run faster. Would be a cool feature to have 12. Vaulting would be really cool feature to have some day. 13. Make it so if you hit someone and he dropped of the cliff and died - you still get the kill. Lots of ppl just suicide so you're not getting any kill stats. Same goes with combat loggers, I guess if someone in a fight or have aggresive status he has to wait before leaving. I know there's 15 sec cooldown on you person to disappear after leaving the server, but still it's not enough. 14. I guess bottles have to be changed and only canteen has to be refillable, because it gives no sense or value for it. Also you won't be able to purify the water near the fire because it's plastic Actually I forgot the purifing pills, but hey, no one can tell if those are planned at all. 15. Bug: sometimes there's rain but no animation for it. Just putting it here, because I will forget later ;D 16. TPS crosshair has to be better aligned with where the gun actually shoots. Sometimes it looks like you can shoot freely, but actually bullet goes somewhere else or being blocked in a ridiculous ways. 17. EMP grenade to stun big group of humanoids for a few seconds so you can get rid of them. Now I would like to talk about how the game feels like at it's current state and what has to be improved. I want to see this game in the future not only like PvP trash happening everywhere(NewZ khem...) or not something like hardcore ultrarealistic bullsh#t(like DayZ or Miscreated), because it's boring and not needed at all, but in some form of balace, just a survival looter shooter, but still a survival game, just with a BIG emphasis on action and skillful PvP. I would say something like 70% PvP oriented game and other 30% is a strong survival basis/missions/systems/features. Loot. Atm loot feels kinda off, there're TOO many melee weapons and foods. It's like every corner, every humanoid are stuffed with melee weapons(which are in a bad state atm) and food items which are enough and plenty around. I would make so there's more rare guns dropped, especially more meds around and dropped from humanoids and also ammo. I would took half of the melee spawn rates and put med/ammo items there. Game lacks different landmarks with themed loot. Like I go military to simply find ammo crates, tons of food and again melee weapons. Would make it so the strong humanid drops AK with a 50% chance there, so there's sense to go and farm for it. Pretty much there's no sense to go and explore, but to simply gather in the main city and PvP. Just don't want the game to be like that only feature in the future. And as far as I know Joshua plans lots of interesting landmarks. What I want to say that I hope that these landmarks will have some context, some sense to it. Like why would I go there in the corner of the map? Because there's secret weapon crate with a sniper rifle which is opened with a special key which is dropped by a boss on other side of the map and chance of this key to drop is like 10-15% only. That's what I'm talking about. I hope you've got an idea from that mess I've written. PvP feels nice, but not perfect. Sometimes you can't kill a guy with lots of shots and sometimes you die fully armored with like 2 of them. I guess the game REALLY needs dmg markers, so when you shoot someone you can see that someone else is shooting you from the back or from the sides. It's hard to tell where are you getting shot from atm sometimes. I guess all that will be tested to death by bakers, so closer to Steam EA release PvP will be close to perfection, I hope. For now I would stick with what we have, because it needs more testing, especially with gun dmg and armor numbers. AI has to be slightly changed or improved. Sometimes there's situation when a guy shoots hundreds of rounds and none of the bots are react in like 10 meters away. But when you are running to get your loot back it's like 10 bots chasing you, you can't outrun them, they see you from 50 meters away and slow you down when hit. Sometimes a guy chases by a bot can come to you leave him on you and run around while bot is now your problem and not his. And sometimes bot aggro on you when there's a guy shooting you like literally next to him. But hey, it's Alpha and some things are just off and will be changed. I'm just saying what it feels like sometimes. Because it's not fun when you get gangbanged by 10 bots which you can't kill fast, melee are useless and there's no chance to outrun them. Atm I would do so that they are more attracted by a gun shots and ppl shooting close to them rather than keep chasing some bambi with a bat Overall the game feels so damn good, that it's hard to tell it's made by one person and it is Closed Alpha. I mean it's really hard to even find bugs, because the game is well polished already and really optimized. It's what I would call a real Closed Alpha state of a game. It's just needs polish and not full development from the scratch. It just needs more tweaking, balancing and fixed. After that some new content. And YAY we have a Survival PvP game of our dreams. Shortly speaking what the game lacks most of all right now: More loot and better spawnrates, item balance, skill system to grind and level up for, melee system rework, interesting landmarks with some sense of them being on the map and not just for decoration. That's pretty much all I can say for now, because everything else seems very solid already. I wish the dev only best luck with this project, keep doing everything with such passion and patience as right now and I hope this game will be a success. With such attitude Joshua has right now it definitely will be a hit. P.S. Sorry for my grammar mistakes, I'm not a native speaker and was typing my opinion really fast. I hope everything is understandable.
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