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Found 2 results

  1. Good morning , good noon , good evening , good night I will start by saying I love xera , i bought the game when it was released and since the last update i'm even more into the game. I like the new events , i think the new merchants is a good idea ''it slows down the progression of getting good weapon '' I noticed and would like to try make a suggestion which I think could make loot items easier to collect from the ground and more enjoyable to use The thing we have to do throughout the game is try to fin some loots When its time to open inventory to loot a box , AI or player . The mouse pointer is by default in the center of the screen , to take the objects you will have to move the mouse to the bottom left and click one by one to retrieve everything. It would be nice to add a button that allows you to take the items nearby quickly whit a single button ●It would probably be nice and it would change the way we loot in a good way ●It would be much more pleasant to loot ●We wouldn't stay there as long as we already do, it would avoid dying looting standing still ●If you have room in your bag or your inventory the key collects everything until it is full Of course i'm talking about quick loot when we search a crate , enemy , AI or loot at proximity
  2. This list is what i would love to see implanted into Xera Surivival. Major Changes I would love to see: 1: I would like the airdrops to be more scarce and alot more lucrative. Instead of the current drop table including UMPs/G17/MP5/AR-15. And have them only drop Scars-L/Scars-H/G36/AK47/Snipers. And this is the only way to get snipers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2: Instead of the Air Drops being only in the Unmarked Military Camps ("Camp Splinters" what my group calls them) but mainly have the airdrops be an rare random event (or even time IE every 2-3 hours) and have them occur in the towns so there's more CQC (Close Quarters Combat) Instead of the current tree hugging guerrilla warfare. -With the increased Rarity of the items in the crates and have them spawn in towns would promote more reason to go to towns and pvp there. Instead of just Running into the towns on the way to only stock up on food and water. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3: I would also like to see the ability to log in from death with gear. I think it would be awesome if you died either to a player or a robot the ability to revive in the general vicinity with gear that you have stashed in your global inventory. Even if you had to wait 1-1.5 minutes to re-spawn i would prefer to have this method to have that fix of being able to come back into the fight or continue on farming. - If this was implemented there would'nt be a need for the helicopter. Which the helicopter is a great idea but it slows down the pvp. Thus making the events the only PVPable reason in the game. - If the fighting start happening in towns...once they add private servers everyone is going to -log out anyways so being able to get right back into the fights will be nice and help prevent them from hopping. -If this was implemented it would also prevents safe zone camping/PVP and keeps the pvp away from the safe zones. Which me and my group have encounter multiple times and leaves us frustrated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4: The ability to either pick the safe zone after you die or the ability to spawn to the closes one. For example “When we die at C4 and it spawns is at the bottom right safezone it makes it even more running and/or waiting for helicopter” and then the game just turns into a walking sim. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minor things i would love to see: 1: More holes in fences in town so you don't have to run a mile and a half to get around a fence. 2: Would love to see something like either sandbags or shields you can use to jump over fences or use them for a defensive position. But make the shields heavy so you can only carry 2-4 of them, to prevent shield spamming --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im not trying to change the entire game i just think these are some features that would improve the aspects of the game and make it more enjoyable. The devs themselves said they were influenced by the game Warz/Infestation Survival Stories. But to be honest this game feels more like Shattered Skies and in my option this was the wrong route to what seems like i could be an awesome game. When i first started playing the game i was getting a fix like i did back in the Warz days but after have many complaints and seeing there needs to be a change, I felt like i was getting half the fix and just became agitated. Unfortunately I don't know how much more i can play this in the current state. Maybe my standards are to high in the aspect of me wanting to play a game like Warz that is'nt dead, and that's why I kinda feel let down. PS dont slam me like the hulk did to loki. This post is just the things i would like to see change and everyone has their own options.
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