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Found 1 result

  1. So I'll be posting screenshots of things I find missing, or just funny things I see that probably also shouldn't happen. (Notes from playing that i wasn't able to take screenshots of): 1. I've notice eating food and sometimes drinking water doesn't always work, yet i really didn't seem to have a problem with it. 2. Picking up weapons but the weapon disappearing and not appearing in the inventory but the ammo does. 3. Something I think that should be noted that nearby isn't really nearby... if it's 600m away. I think that should be changed to maybe 300m It seems more accurate that way. (DAY 1 of ROUND 5): This screenshot is a robot getting stuck into a fence after an explosion. Something funny I thought I should put as well as something that shouldn't happen. This next one is well... idk how to explain that but I could walk on in... (DAY 2 of ROUND 5): I found a plot of land I believe the devs are working on. (If your a dev and know about this please let me know what's supposed to be going here.) This is just something funny but the way you walk is a little weird here.(The guy in front of me) This robot either has the stupid, or is very smart. Either way it stands above the others so we let him live. My buddy GoalieMonkey spotted this out for me. It's grass textures in the sky. This... well this is in Redsville. I'm... in the ground somehow. (All screenshots are taken in third person) Something noted. This girl doesn't have a shirt on or its cut. Last thing of the day. This man can float(glitch). Note that this woman stares at me for help as these man stand above her.