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Found 8 results

  1. I see a lot of people suggesting huge fixes and stuff like that without taking into consideration that the people who made this game is a small group. This isn't Escape from Tarkov where they pop out a new gun and model in an hour. Unfortunately, the player base is dropping everyday. Last I checked it was 40 people on. Doing some small fixes and changes brings back new life, and maybe not charging so much. (Personal opinion) Leveling is slow and boring. You have a crafting system that revolves around this leveling system and it's not impressive. Ditch the to make a drone you need to be level 7. Make it so people can craft anything and everything from whatever level. If I find this stuff, I want to make it. What should happen is when you level you get a skill point. Implement the 4 skills. Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Endurance. Strength: Each point gives you X amount of health and X amount of carry capacity Stamina: Remove the ability to sprint forever. Stamina now increases how long you can run and and food/water increases stamina recharge. Agility: Increases how fast you can run and melee attack speed increase. Endurance: Implement the ability to bleed or lacerate. No broken bones. Endurance lets you take less damage and a less chance of bleeding. (if you can't implement bleeding then go with recoil control and more exp gains) TL:DR Add skill points and skills to give players something that isn't just another looter shooter.
  2. THE DEVELOPERS ARE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS. GENERAL: Toggle aim setting. (Hold/Toggle) Add a Reputation system with rank's. Improve the melee combat against the humanoids. (Impossible to kill the humanoids without taking damage) Add a personal locker's. Add crosshair customization (Size,gap etc..) Add bullet drop. Add option STASH ALL on global inventory. (makes it a faster process to save the items) Remove auto-heal when the food it is at the max. (Destroys the pvp, sometimes 1second of auto-heal,a lot of players staying alive on pvp.) Improve the pvp (mechanics and fix lag damage). Fix regenerate food/drink when you are on the safezone (It's a bug?) Fix the jump. (it looks like we are jumping on the moon, is stranger.. and we have a bit more speed) Add a option to equip the character when you die. (When you die, you can recover your loot and fight against the survivors/humanoids). Fix the options. (When you change the settings for example: game sound/ambient sound, there are no changes to any of). Add the option for when you want to hang out of a helicopter in the safezone. (When I enter the heli I cant leave him). Add a players limit on heli. MAP: The night should get darker. Fix the loot. (Civilian item drop/Military item drop) Add more military spots and city's. (With better organization) Add more humanoids on the map. Add binoculars item. Add hidden spots/military bases on the map. Put the melee to run faster. Improve the super humanoid . (I think the super humanoid need something to be unique,color,walk,neons..) Add a military radio on police stations. (Sound) Lower the frequency of the airdrops, events. (is losing interest because its becoming something normal, It has to be something exciting to get, it has to be rarer to be more valued) Turn Day/Night cycle longer = 1Hour / Day | 30min / Night. EXAMPLES: - Improve the global inventory sections, we can regroup food/drinks to 1 section (FOODS) and armour/backpacks to 1 section (GEAR). - Add a melee/craft and other's section on global inventory. - Improve the menu stats (Play time, Experience , Killed humanoids, Killed survivors, Reputation) - - Add server name when we open the map. - Add name tag, with 500m range. - Fix the arrow of the group member. - Fix the render distance of the map. I can see the players on the tower a 500m. Add the available heli slots. Example: FUTURE UPDATES (approved): Fix the ATV sound. (I am running over people with ATV, because they cant listen my moto) Fix infinity fuel from ATV. ATV 2 persons. New weapons and attachments Skill tree. Character customisation & Female Character. Private servers. ALWAYS BE UPDATED! LAST EDIT: 21/6/2019 Give me your suggestion to improve the game. Thanks!
  3. The sound at stake is very badly managed I think... The recharging breaks our ears, we hear shots as if he was next to us when they are 1 city away.I think a fixed line would really help to project yourself into the game.
  4. Hey survivors, Im here to share my airport re-work, i had in total 10 hours editing. Is 90% complete i guess, give your suggestion please to improve and share with developers 😎 AIRPORT RIVERTON: SCREENSHOTS: ht Thank you boys !
  5. THINGS TO IMPROVE... - Fill some streets with decoration, seems empty. - Fill houses with furniture. - Make Melees more stronger, actually they are useless, we need melees more stronger for kill Robots more fast and easy when we are pvping in a big city. Or make a perk what increase our melee attack against robots. - Improve directions on ATV, it's too laggy and awful. - Set Respawn Shield to 10 seconds, for eviting KoS (kill on site). - Scale the User Interface in all resolutions, like if I playing in 1024x768, the inventory slots and gear equiped are superimposed. THINGS TO ADD... - Add some type of sound when ppl are walking crouch. - Add some section in Global Inventory for deposit stuff like Drone parts, Silk, Alcohol, and things like that, actually these things are depositing in "ALL" section and its hard to find some things. - Put more rocks around the map for cover, in some area u have trees and its not enought sometimes. - Mini-map would be cool. - Chance to put marks on map. - Hold Right-Click for aim in third person, Toggle Right-Click for put first person. - Smoke & Flash grenade. - Kit when we die and respawn, 1 gun with 60 bullets, 1 small backpack, 3 bandages, NVG and some Melee. For comeback and try to take vengeance, or just for defence against robots. Or just put one command like /kit and cost $5.000 in-game dollars for example. - Add 'Render Distance' option. If I look far far away I can see the big city and my FPS drops, makes potatoes pc happy. THIS IS A BUG?... - When you are driving a drone, you can't see the world chat. - When you are driving a drone, you can't see the arrow what identify your mate, you can confuse him with an enemy. - Can't enter to my Inventory when I'm riding on ATV. - Batteries on Drone is always 100%. - Fuel on ATV is allways 100% - ATV doesn't receive any damage when you collide with rocks & walls. Add Repair NPC.
  6. So I wanted to go by saying, Ive got already over 100 hours. Most spent farming and scouring. This is going to be a longly detailed review of what we got for the game and such. Xera, a Multiplayer game which looks great on paper but when put into this form. Even though its early access it is rough around the edges and there is a lot to cover here which could and do have issues with. Im going to go down the line with detail about gameplay and possible issues or what not. Player an Player(s): Lets put here that, it is incredibly challenging sometimes to play solo given that you could tend to be squishy if you got hit in the head twice or three times and you are gone. For one person to go around and try to engage in pvp you would need to keep spinning and looking around for players to engage with and if people persay are more than 3. You are greatly at a disadvantage with how great damaging AR's are an how big some of the larger med cooldowns are, putting yourself in a open area greatly hinders yourself ontop of you the player being so squishy even with armor on. You can tank damage at a range but when close quarters or medium range you can fade pretty quickly and lose. Weapon(s): AR-15 Being the strongest damaging weapons and being a single fire tap fire weapon with a more control-able recoil you have a decent control over it but putting it like that if you want to fire it fast you have to rely on its firing pattern to fire it faster where as you cant spam click the shit out of it to get that maximum fire rate. UMP/MP5 being powerful even at long range, which they excel at close range still have just as great power for the damage drop off doesn't effect the whole 'sub machinegun' category of weapons. Both of these two guns the ump and mp5 can shred players really quickly if you land your shots due to how fast they fire. SCAR-L/SCAR-H now both of these weapons are fully auto and have a higher rate of kick when it comes to firing along with a lower damage thresh hold to its counter weapon AR15 an with how these two one being more rare than the other are strong as well but fire slightly slower than the ump and mp5. Now onto the pistols. Glock/1911 with these two weapons. 1911 fires slower with only 7 rounds can pack a bit more of a punch than what it shows vs the glock but with the Glock you can rapid fire it as fast as a mp5 or even ump even with minimal recoil from these two handhelds. (Not going to do all the weapons but a jest of the majority used -Being that snipers are rare as shit and AK's being nearly rare as hell as well-) Utility: Drone exceedingly strong as a surveillance and its destructive power it can rip through players hp deal 65 damage and put players on med cooldown, its power is overwhelming when its put into a teams hands because of can two shot someone who isn't using a military first aid kit to recover instantly but there is that chance you can get still get insta'd if they both explode one right after another so closely. I'd say these drones are heavily overpowered in both destructive and its capabilities to scout for other players with how silent it can be an how high it can get with it being hard to see along with how fast it is. C4 Now, you'd think this device would be extremely strong well...You are right but it also is insanely loud and deals nearly 300 damage on explosion(75 damage to friendly). It's good as a defensive utility and trapping if you are in a close quarter area. It is exceedingly heavy and has a 1.5 second delay to explode, though depending on range to send signal to explode. Loot: This is the main issue everyone is gunning right now. In my personal opinon of how things are with loot. NVG Helmets are extremely rare now and I rarely see it drop as a item or spawn, but that being said AR-15's are uncommon and the ammo even more uncommon. I can find 5.56 WAY more than I can any other ammo type in the game next to .45 ACP(Ive gotten 13k 5.56 in storage to prove it vs the near 5k .223 I've collected.) Armors and med's aren't hard to find as they can drop from super robot and spawn in med buildings and military area's. Given that these spots being tightly combed over even on a low pop can be a struggle sometimes. Looting Area's:(I'll cover military area's as everyone wants 'loot' there) Airfield is a pretty barren place that lacks buildings and other various stuff an to that is a hugely insanely open area with minimal cover that can easily get anyone killed. Airfield could be more wider to hold the runways for the large planes that it lacks, but more so there is no buildings beside these 'weather biome' bubble buildings. There is no carts no small trailer or two story building or maintenance or anything to comb over or even take cover. Now onto Nator base, This place is more so decent than airfield as it gives somewhat ample coverage but also has a vantage point to scout for players coming in and only has one access point to where players can go up, beside that. There is a lot of space being used but not nearly enough loot being spawned here. Food/Water: Both of these give a slow healing over time if above 80% but with how little the canned food can restore, you player can literally plow down several cans of ravioli before hes full. In hinde sight, I'm pretty sure I would get sick if I ate more than 1 can of ravioli or soup or whatever. Now onto water, jumping drains water but every 2 jump drains 1 water. The lanky water bottles dirty water restore a small amount of water even compared to the 'fresh' water you can get in the water bottle but if you had a canteen you can restore a large chunk. Thats good given that but the water can weigh a decent amount but either water bottle or canteen can weigh you down pretty hard if filled. If water bottles weigh you down by nearly a 1kg or more and it restores 15water, thats pretty awful same goes for the fresh water bottle but then we look at the canteen and that sucker is nearly as heavy as the water bottles and they restore a big chunk. Airdrops and Fist spots: Both are good as they both give XP And Fist spots give a huge chunk of XP and two airdrops to top it off. I'd like to note. Who airdrops a Pistol for someone to use on the battlefield right there as a supply? Melee: Pretty worthless right now, You can miss robots point blank even if you swing at them and look right at them, and to top it off the swinging is judged by a random factor on where you can swing in two patterns. Head blow pattern or stomach blow pattern. Needs re-adjustment imo. Robots/Super Robot/Kamikazi Robots: These robots are okay but lack any front foot for the game give that their hitbox for melee weapons are just awful and they can explode for nearly 65 damage on top of you. And if you are on a high spot and make noise near a robot they will super jump up to you an give away your position quickly if trying to pvp. Super Robot can run so fast and given that there is but one spot where you can glitch the robot at airfield he is really hard to get away from among his high damage and how fast he can swing at you. Now my overall estimate of the game. Its rough around the edges, drones are way to strong given if they are used by larger amount of teams. There are spots where its like a desolate field with a few tree's and no cover an no bushes or grassy area's to help hide. But with how far away people are sometimes it can be exceedingly difficult to spot a player while trying to shoot at them. Team play in larger groups(Of 3 or 4) are the meta right now. With how little you can tank and moving to cover or trying to get to a safe spot you can die pretty quick. To note as well, Submachines are doing some great damage long range given they are suppose to be submachines which EXCELL at close range not long range. Pistol damage drop off is pretty hard as well. TL;DR - There needs to be changes to help players survive in open area's and drones are way to strong if used in the hands of a large group and can be a huge game changer in terms of pvp. If people droned most of the time, there would be no gun fights it would just be call of duty warfare with drones just blowing people up a lot of the time. Loot can be changed to help, even if its a small chance to get rare stuff on low pops, high pops should be almost 100% chance to get something more than a AR-15 Kit. Also, ump/mp5's range for long range could use a change so they aren't as strong like a AR. I would love to say shields could help the game but there is a way we could meet common ground with people who don't want shields and people who want shields in the game for fighting people who only 3 peek corners and never move or wait for their teammates to flank and change the tide of the battle. It could be a simple matter of Making armors and players health or armor values higher or damage slightly dulled down over all along with HS damage multiplier. Tell me what you think and sorry for the extremely long post but I feel like it should be covered in all area's
  7. This list is what i would love to see implanted into Xera Surivival. Major Changes I would love to see: 1: I would like the airdrops to be more scarce and alot more lucrative. Instead of the current drop table including UMPs/G17/MP5/AR-15. And have them only drop Scars-L/Scars-H/G36/AK47/Snipers. And this is the only way to get snipers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2: Instead of the Air Drops being only in the Unmarked Military Camps ("Camp Splinters" what my group calls them) but mainly have the airdrops be an rare random event (or even time IE every 2-3 hours) and have them occur in the towns so there's more CQC (Close Quarters Combat) Instead of the current tree hugging guerrilla warfare. -With the increased Rarity of the items in the crates and have them spawn in towns would promote more reason to go to towns and pvp there. Instead of just Running into the towns on the way to only stock up on food and water. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3: I would also like to see the ability to log in from death with gear. I think it would be awesome if you died either to a player or a robot the ability to revive in the general vicinity with gear that you have stashed in your global inventory. Even if you had to wait 1-1.5 minutes to re-spawn i would prefer to have this method to have that fix of being able to come back into the fight or continue on farming. - If this was implemented there would'nt be a need for the helicopter. Which the helicopter is a great idea but it slows down the pvp. Thus making the events the only PVPable reason in the game. - If the fighting start happening in towns...once they add private servers everyone is going to -log out anyways so being able to get right back into the fights will be nice and help prevent them from hopping. -If this was implemented it would also prevents safe zone camping/PVP and keeps the pvp away from the safe zones. Which me and my group have encounter multiple times and leaves us frustrated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4: The ability to either pick the safe zone after you die or the ability to spawn to the closes one. For example “When we die at C4 and it spawns is at the bottom right safezone it makes it even more running and/or waiting for helicopter” and then the game just turns into a walking sim. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minor things i would love to see: 1: More holes in fences in town so you don't have to run a mile and a half to get around a fence. 2: Would love to see something like either sandbags or shields you can use to jump over fences or use them for a defensive position. But make the shields heavy so you can only carry 2-4 of them, to prevent shield spamming --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im not trying to change the entire game i just think these are some features that would improve the aspects of the game and make it more enjoyable. The devs themselves said they were influenced by the game Warz/Infestation Survival Stories. But to be honest this game feels more like Shattered Skies and in my option this was the wrong route to what seems like i could be an awesome game. When i first started playing the game i was getting a fix like i did back in the Warz days but after have many complaints and seeing there needs to be a change, I felt like i was getting half the fix and just became agitated. Unfortunately I don't know how much more i can play this in the current state. Maybe my standards are to high in the aspect of me wanting to play a game like Warz that is'nt dead, and that's why I kinda feel let down. PS dont slam me like the hulk did to loki. This post is just the things i would like to see change and everyone has their own options.
  8. So me and my teammates decided to get a few drones out and absolutely rain terror on a squad who were doing the bunker event. They didn't seem to know what was happening at first until they figured out that they could actually shoot down the drones. With many unsuccessful attempts they finally shot down one of my teammates drones, and while killing the drone, it also killed him in the process. Now I'm not so sure if this is intentional or not but it could do with a fix as it kind of ruins the use of drones at this current time. Apart from that, kamikaze drones are stupendously fun.
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