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Found 2 results

  1. I think XERA is an amazing game, and I'm glad I discovered it. I used to play a lot of H1Z1 survival before, but unfortunately, that game no longer exists. This game is quite similar to H1Z1, but in this case, the zombies are replaced by robots. The game also has some great additions like in-game missions, challenges, and a season pass. However, I do see some areas for improvement: The destruction of base components needs a different approach. It has happened to me too many times that I accidentally demolished basic parts with the hammer while trying to upgrade them. This seems to be a common issue among other players as well. To solve this problem, consider replacing the hammer, for example, with a crowbar when demolishing. I feel that there is a lack of challenge in PVE (Player vs. Environment). For example, adding more robots or having groups of robots randomly patrolling the map could increase the level of challenge. There are many robots in the prison area. The chance of being killed by a robot there is quite high. It would be enjoyable if there were more rewards or unique items to acquire in that area. It is common for other players to take away buggies and ATVs in PVE. To prevent this, one solution could be to add a key to each vehicle, and each player can have only one key. This way, it would also reduce frustration and unnecessary arguments in the chat. Some missions are very boring because they take a long time to complete. For example: "Collect 100 medical supplies from military crates." I can imagine that many players lose interest because of this. It's fun to do missions, but these kinds of missions become very repetitive and tedious. Overall, I love the game, but I think these improvements would make it even better. I hope you take this as a positive comment and that you will continue to develop this game further.
  2. 1). Near Spawning. A little too unnecessary imo. Either; A). Increase timer of Near Spawning B).Allow a close spawn once and then make the timer cooldown a lot longer after a one time use C). Or ONLY allow near spawning if the player that kill you was eliminated (solo) or his teammates were eliminated (Squad). This gives an opportunity to give loot back if your death was avenged. 2). Decrease amount of food drops in high loot areas -Military and Airport should be places where you have limited time. You should have to bring your rationed food from your global inventory to loot there because food is scarce there. This will also disallow people indefinitely farming in low pop server at those places because the food the robots drop can make them stay there forever. 3). Give white(Boss) robot a short range attack or run faster. Right now, he is not scary and he is more just an ammo waster. Or increase his aggro range, to make the military/airport a little more dangerous. 4). Make canteen able to consume twice. Make the canteen rarer and have water bottles a consume once to empty item and the canteen a consume twice to empty item. Since it holds more water. 5). Make night darker for night vision Right now, the night time in the game isn't really that much of a hindrance and nightvision are almost useless. 6). Bandages should be Gauze+alcohol not cloth. I'm on the fence about this one. If its Gauze+ alcohol, you will need more and more cloth in the game. However, It would make sense to make gauze until lvl 4, and then use your left over gauze when you hit lvl 4 to make bandages. 7). Increase Helicopter boarding time Right now, the time you have when a helicopter lands is just a taaaaad too fast. Maybe at least an extra 10-20 seconds. 8).Create Tiered armor Let people know what armor is what so we know how much damage is being mitigated and how good loot is for new players. Especially when the names of helmet are super similar Ex: Football Helmet Level 1/ ZSH-1 Level 2 / ZHS-NVG Level 3 etc...... 9). Add more holes in fences and walls or add more objects near the walls/fences to vault over Wall battles and some people getting to jump over and others not is very awkward gameplay. Its also hard to move in on someone because there are too many instances where you have to take the long way around. 10). Move Golden Eagle and Castle Rock to A1 and G7. Give the map more breathing room and allows the whole map to be utilized. A1 and G7 are quadrants that have absolutely no purpose atm. Unless Joshua was planning on adding a whole new feature behind the settlements. 11). Add a downed mechanic I feel this feature is kind of needed. Why? Because people being downed and communicating with your squad is far more reasonable than dying and watching people crawl over your dead body while you are spectating from kill cam. Unless you remove killcam from the game. A downed mechanic would also make near spawning not necessary if you decide to go this route. 12). Change the name of some towns Riverton, Riverton Processing Plant, Rockdale, Rockdale roadblock, Riverblock, Roverton, Redsville, Ridgemont. I'm joking here a bit, but I feel the alliteration theme might be hard on communicating. Especially the 3 riverton areas plus, well, the actual river. Hard to call places when dropping as a team. 13). An item "Economy" Besides the items despawning, there is no way for looting to really be had. Someone will always have something and I don't see the point in having higher rarity in weapons if the items never deteriorate in some way. I for one, am not for durability in firearms. But I do think there should be durability in armor and melee weapons because of their simplicity and how easy they are to craft. I recommended on another thread that guns could either be sold or you can take (excess) guns to one of these processing plants and melt them down for scrap metal. Which can be used for Grenades, C4, Drones and whatever else the crafting menu would like to add. 14). Reputation or killstreak addition You could give players an additional skill rating boost if they kill other players that have a killstreak going (kills only made by different players to avoid exploiting) and have a reputation for how hostile some players are. 15). Besides molotovs,smokes, and EMPs Binoculars really need to be added in the game. A different way to scout places besides a drone is a must here. It could even tell the meter range of someone you lock on to for good team communication. I added this in because it is very well liked and known to want to be added in. 16). Have a evacuation Helicopter in Redsville to make it more PvP oriented. I feel people will start to go away from Redsville and move towards military, bunker and crates. And its difficult to fight in redsville. I think some incentive needs to be made. 17). Give more PVP incentive in Servers 1-5 or when the server is highly populated. 18). Increase log out time or find a way to not log out during a firefight
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