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Stress Test 8 - Skill Rating Competition

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Hello everyone!


I'm happy to announce a Skill Rating Competition for Stress Test 8. Everyone's skill rating has been reset back to 500. See other changes here: https://forums.xeragame.com/topic/1020-patch-notes-71-hotfix-skill-rating-changes

  • The top 3 players with the highest skill rating will receive a full copy of the game.
  • I will also randomly select a number between the lowest & the highest rating, and the player closest to this number or at this number will also win a copy.


IMPORTANT! Please keep the grouping to a minimum if you are proven to be in a group larger than 4, you will be disqualified. Remember if you aren't grouped, there's more rating to be gained. :D


Winners will be announced at the end of the test.


Have fun & play fair!

- Joshua

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