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Stress Test 9 - Finishing Summary

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Hello Survivors!


A big thanks to the 292 people who played during Stress Test 9, I appreciate your support.


Server Issues

As you are all aware we experienced numerous server related issues. I want to be clear, these are all engine based issues which were introduced by the Unreal Engine 4.17 Upgrade. I have reported these issues to Unreal Engine and some have already been fixed for the next engine upgrade 4.18 (we will be upgrading to this, as soon as it's ready).


Player Statistics

We peaked at 32 players this test.



Other Statistics

  • 1230 Player Deaths
  • 2348 Items Stored in Global Inventory
  • 292 Characters Played


Skill Ratings (Top 5):

  1. @Voidex - 3672
  2. @Mimimicheater - 2759
  3. @Pejtik - 1927
  4. @EneMy - 1164
  5. Marcus - 1050


Golden Egg Challenge (https://forums.xeragame.com/topic/253-the-golden-egg-challenge-win-a-full-copy-of-xera)

As some of you are aware, "Golden Eggs" spawn in the world and the first 2 to find 5 wins a full copy. The winners from this test are:


Feedback Survey

Your feedback is important to the future of XERA. If you played in Stress Test 9 - please take the time to give me feedback:



I hope you all enjoyed playing.


- Joshua

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