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Patch Notes #9

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Hello everyone!


Here are patch notes #9 - these changes are available in Stress Test 10.


Featured Changes:



An experimental drone system has been added to XERA. This adds a new dynamic element to tactical combat situations. They can be used to spot players or can be self destructed near another player causing damage. They currently spawn in the main spawn table, and in the military spawn table. They are super fun to fly, and I hope you all enjoy this addition to the game.




The UMP is the first SMG to be added to the game. Does a base damage of 9% and has the highest fire rate in the game. The red dot scope can also be attached to the gun for improved accuracy while in first person. Implementing different sized guns required some work on the animation system so the hand properly holds the gun on the grip.


Global Inventory Improvements


For some time the global inventory has been lacking fundamental functionality, such as quantity transfers and seeing your inventory slots. These both have been added to the global inventory now.


New Hunger & Thirst Indicators


The Hunger & Thirst area of the HUD got a little love this patch, with a new improved look to make it easier to see your survival levels at a glance. They also change colour depending on the severity of the levels.


New Item Tool Tips


For awhile, I was using the default unreal engine tool tips for the item tool tips, while these "work" they don't provide the player with much information. So I have moved it to a custom tool tip system which will allow me to show gun stats, item stats etc in the future.


Fire Rate control on Guns


I have implemented a system for weapons which I can apply all their available fire modes. If the gun supports more than 1 fire mode, you can switch between them by pressing X (Default Binding)


Bullet Spread


The first version of bullet spread has been implemented. The spread is multiplied by how long you are holding down your fire button, so the longer you spray, the higher your spread will become. Each gun has the same spread right now, but this will likely change.


Binding Key binds to mouse buttons


A highly requested feature for the binding system was binding to mouse buttons. This has now been implemented.


Multi Language Support


Thanks to our community translators XERA has now been translated into 6 languages. While there may be some words still not translated, our end goal will be to have the game available in the most spoken languages.


AI Appearance Improvements


I have improved the materials on the AI to make her look a lot nicer. I have also made her lighting system more modular, so in the future different lit AI could mean different difficulty levels or even health.


Other Notes:

  • Fixed an issue with an anti-tank object causing AI to become stuck
  • AI fire rate changed from 0.3s to 0.1
  • AI chance of hitting reduced to 20%
  • Time of day will now be synced with the server on load, instead of every tick
  • Fixed an issue which allowed weapons to be able to fire while obstructed by a door
  • Fixed an issue causing NVG model to show in first person
  • Fixed an issue with reloading not working in first person
  • Added ability to add mouse buttons to controls
  • Players can no longer damage another player when they are dead (Removes kill-trading)
  • Fire rate system has been implemented (Defaults on X)
  • Fire rate label added to weapon info
  • Added fire rate control rebind to settings menu
  • Holding down MB1 while holding a melee will now loop melee swings
  • Toggle Crouch Option Added
  • Ammo amount won't show if a melee is your current weapon
  • Reduced Chips hunger restoration to 5% (was 20%)
  • New tool tip system for inventory
  • Added time of day to inventory
  • Fixed an issue which caused ammo to not spawn in guns
  • Re-enabled hit markers in first person (this will become an option in the future)
  • Increased range AI can see a player
  • Default key bind next to inventory slots will now be hidden when key bind is changed manually
  • Added quantity transfer to global inventory
  • Added slots to global inventory
  • Modified player list so it can fit more players in another column
  • Invert mouse option added
  • Remove bullet collision on items
  • Fixed an issue causing players walking direction to not replicate correctly


I look forward to you all playing in Stress Test 10.


- Joshua

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