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Patch Notes #10

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Hello Survivors!


Here are the patch notes which will be live in Stress Test 11.


Player / Character

  • Reduced ADS pitch animation delay
  • Reduced the distance that you can interact with objects (such as doors, items)
  • Increased First Person FOV to 103 from 95
  • Increased ADS Fov from 80 to 95
  • Sniper ADS will now return back to third person if activated from third person
  • Moved player animation direction detection to velocity based system, rather than replicated input (Directional animations should be more reliable now)


  • Damage done to a drone is now 4x the base damage
  • Increased drone detonation damage to 65% (was 30%)
  • Increased attenuation of drone blade sounds to 63m
  • Drone volume now controlled by master game volume
  • Reduced drone death switch back time to 1.5s was 4s
  • Drone item will now drop when player controlling it dies


  • Throwable distance has been increased
  • Right click will now be an underarm throw, while left click will be an 'over arm' throw only (was a hybrid system, but the experience wasn't great)
  • Throwables now have equip option in right click menu
  • Throwables can now be unequipped


  • New AI type created (melee bots), 10% damage
  • AI Spawn system now supports individual AI respawn timers


  • Map menu now accessible inside drone
  • Settings Menu is now accessible inside a drone
  • Removed white background from dragged item
  • More filter options added to global inventory
  • Sensitivity value added to settings menu label
  • Added resolution scale to settings menu
  • Crosshair will now be hidden when sprinting & when using freelook


  • French Language Added (Still some words not translated)


  • Added resolution scale setting, this means you can downscale your resolution without changing the screen size. This works as a great optimisation setting for lower end PCs

Air Strike System

  • Air Strike damage range increased to 9 metre radius
  • Siren sounds have been added to game volume system


  • Props & loot spawns added to Redsville highway
  • Rain shader added to some roads
  • Optimisations done to instancing mesh system
  • Interior & loot added to all floors in apartments buildings
  • Added forced net update on doors when opened/closed (this should reduce the delay in opening / closing)
  • Added more detail to Redsville
  • Increase night time brightness
  • Added new AI to map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused players to hear their own voice when using VOIP
  • Fixed right click menu on inventory slots
  • Fixed an issue which allowed drones to be spawned while in inventory (And other UIs)
  • Fixed an issue which caused UI's to get stuck if chat is opened at the same time
  • Fixed keybind for opening inventory can now be used to close the inventory
  • Fixed an issue causing old data from a previously possessed pawn to be in the HUD
  • Fixed an issue which caused weapon sounds and effects to sometimes not play
  • Increased linear damping on items to help reduce their movement speed when simulating physics
  • Fixed an issue causing mouse to not show in death screen if chat was open
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to punch while dead
  • Fixed an issue with interaction priority system (Directly looking at an item will pickup that before other items)
  • Fixed item outline on water bottle items
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to eject from drone after detonation
  • Fixed various objects navigation bounds at military base
  • Fixed an issue with AI not being able to navigate through apartment buildings
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to be able to spawn a drone while cooking a grenade
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be stuck when died while in a drone
  • Fixed an issue causing controlling player to rubberband when drone is destroyed
  • Fixed an issue causing the main menu weather to become cloudy
  • Fixed a pivot issue with NVG models which caused loot drop to have strange physics
  • Fixed civilian NVG Sizing on player's head
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Hotfix #10.2


  • Fixed issue causing death screen to show incorrect killer information
  • Fixed an issue preventing arrow keys to be binded
  • Fixed an issue preventing '2' key to be rebinded
  • Increased AI respawn time to 120 seconds (was 60 seconds)
  • Added K-Star Graffiti to Redsville
  • Reduced .308 ammo spawn rate to 3% change (was 5%)
  • Reduced L96-A1 spawn rate to 0.4% (was 0.5%)
  • Increased respawn nearby time to 30 seconds (was 20)
  • Modified some spawn points around Redsville
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