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General News - May 2017

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Hello Survivors!


Just a quick update with where we are at with XERA.


Map Progress Update #7

Some more areas have been added to the map, as well as some improvements in existing areas.


Stress Test 4

We are happy to announce that Stress Test 4 is going to be happening on 16/05/2017 NZST. Applications for new testers are now open! To apply visit this section(YOU MUST BE REGISTERED): https://forums.xeragame.com/forum/16-tester-applications/



We finally have box art added to our twitch category, this has taken some time - but we have it sorted now :). So we are all prepared for the streaming community.



Steam Integration

For the last month I have been working on integrating XERA with steam. The first stage has now been completed & tested by our community testers. Future tests & Alpha will be carried out using Steam.

  • Steam Overlay
  • Auto-authentication with your steam account


Patch #3

Patch 3 is one of our biggest patches yet, this is almost complete and will be ready for Stress Test 4. The patch notes will be released in the coming days as we finalise things.

It includes some very exciting features such as:

  • Secondary Weapon Equipping
  • 2 Pistols Added
  • Armour & helmets now reduces damage your player takes
  • UI Improvements
  • General Performance Improvements


We are very pleased with the progress that has been made, and we can't wait for you all to try the new features & improvements.


Cheers :)

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