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My exeperience playing stress test 11 - suggestions

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Hey josh , here is a list i think you should work on for the next stress test and for the future :

- First of all you need to make loot spawn more outside redsville and reduce the weapon spawn inside redsville, so people actually move around to find loot and dont camp redsville 24/7 so we     can pvp everywhere and not only in redsville

- add more weapons ( plz shotguns :D ) / loot to the table, it feels really empty atm ( but i know you are working on it )

- the map is verry, verry, verry too short, you need to do something with it.

- for what ive test, the glock and desert eagle got almost no recoil u can 2 tap someone from 200 meters if you aim good. maybe its a good idea idk

- add craft ( you working on it i suppose ) 

- make that when you die u can respawn in safe zone so you can pick weapons and stuff to go pvp

- increase respawn nearby timer ( 30 sec is rly too short ) 

- add groups/clan but i know you will

- add a real big military base, this one is rly rly small and not worth at all

- add air drops ? could be fun if they are really rare ( like 1 each 2-3 houres idk so that could help to move the pvp from place to place )

- Reduce drone range, you can actually go really really far with the drone  ( drones are awesome tho thats an excellent idea ) 

- add some police station or differents building like that ( fire stations etc ) 

- add character customisation 

the game is really good and got a big potential, now we all hope that you will do your best to satisfy us, but you will probably need some help =)

now we are all waiting for the next stress test =)

cheers mate

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