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Stress Test 11 - Finishing Summary

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Hello Survivors!


Thank you to everyone who participated in Stress Test 11. This was the biggest test yet!

ST11 Graphic.png


We absolutely killed it on twitch, a huge thanks to https://www.twitch.tv/kikettestar (Give him a follow!) who presented XERA to his community. Welcome to everyone who came from Twitch. Another huge thanks to all the other streamers who streamed during the test as well.



Kikettestar has also been kind enough to paint some custom graffiti for XERA - it looks awesome! B|



Some Statistics

  • Total of 697 Unique Players
  • 7959 Player Deaths / Kills
    • 1453 Head shot Kills
    • 340 Hand Kills
    • 303 Calf Kills
    • 33 Feet Kills xD
  • 7523 Slots Stored in Global Inventory


Peaked at 83 Players on Steam (81 actually in servers combined)
Steam Graph.PNG


Test Feedback

If you want to help improve the game, based off what you have played already. Feel free to post some feedback here:


Golden Egg Winners

During each test the Golden Egg Challenge runs, the first 2 people who find 5 eggs wins a full copy of the game when we release. You can also enter with 1 egg - which will be a raffle when all the testing has finished. The winners this test are:

  1. @zarek
  2. @fopx


Top Skill Ratings

There was no competition running for top skill ratings, but I thought that i'd put it here for memories.



Again - a huge welcome to everyone who is new to the community. I hope you all enjoy working with me to create an awesome game.


See you all next test.


- Joshua

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