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New Forest Cover (Map Progress Update #14)

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Hello Survivors!


The forests in XERA have been somewhat lacking ground foliage cover for a while. This is mostly due to the foliage being manually painted on.


In order to cover a large area with trees & foliage with the density that I wanted I had to figure out a work flow that:

  1. Can efficiently cover a large area with foliage and trees
  2. Produces foliage that looks good & naturally placed


So I am now using an experimental procedural foliage tool built into Unreal Engine. It is able to cover large areas based off specific growth, shade and age calculations and produce a very natural looking environment. While there are a lot of tweaks still to be made, and more of the map to be moved to the new system - it's looking good so far.


Hope that you all like it!



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