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The other side of gameplay. [ Thought collection ]

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In my opinion a very important topic that has to be adressed in order to make XERA the best game it can possibly be is how PVE and long-term motivation should be handled.
Most Survival Games don't last all that long because PvP is all there is to it at the end of the day, the AI is unchallenging and the game ends up being nothing more then a lootsimulator mixed with an open world shooter which often gets boring rather fast.

Generally survival games try to approach long-term motivation through Basebuilding or progression mechanics ( Skilltree, Reputation, Ingame currency, Global Vault, etc. ) and I think ( or at least as far as I know ) XERA currently lacks long-term motivation. The AI isn't to bad but it faces the same problem ( not being challenging ) and besides a Global Vault there isn't much motivation to play the game other then for PvP.
I am aware that this has been partially adressed in " Mission / Task System - Give your ideas! " but since long-term motivation can be created by much more then Missions and Tasks alone I decided to open a separate thread.




Possible mechanics that could help with that would be: 

1. Ingame currency / Traders

2. LVL system / Skilltree :

XP Points gained through LVL UPs can be put in different stats / WarZ style Skilltree

- Strength ( increased max. weight / Melee dmg )

- charisma ( influences trader prices / improves quest rewards or even enables new quests )

- luck ( influences droprate on AI )

- endurance ( slightly influences max. HP or dmg. reduction / slightly influences hunger and thirst )

- Marksman ( Reduces recoil ( which might make high recoil weapons hard to controll "early-game" much more reliable later on ( of course they still shouldn't be to good )) / reduces reload time / increases weapon mobility )

Skill ideas: 

Lockpicking ( Crates on the map which can be opened once every X hours ( opening them consumes a Lockpick 'Rare item' ( can be found / maybe even bought )

Crafting Recipes as Skills : 

- Learn : Craft X Ammo (10x) 
- Learn : Craft Y Ammo (30x)

- Learn : Craft Z Ammo (30x) 

- Learn : Craft Selfmade Bandage (1x) 

- Learn : Craft Improvised light-vest (1x) 

( Add craftingmaterials either to the lootpool / traders / both )


3. Quests / Quest-NPCs

- Bring X item X amount

- Kill X AI ( X location )

- Find X person ( found dead at X location or talk to when alive at X location ) 

- Protect or escort NPC


4. Add rare treasure items

( Gold ring for example ) can be sold for alot but need to be sold first ( can be lost if you die before you sell them ) 



These would be just a few ideas kinda unsorted and unstructured because I wrote it in a hurry but I think they might still be somewhat helpful.

I encourage everyone to share their opionion and ideas.

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Thanks for your feedback.


One of the main development focuses is progression and meaningful systems which promotes logevtivty of the game. As you mentioned about skill trees and leveling, this is something that will be in the game.



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