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May Development Update

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Hello Survivors!


There has been a lot happening behind the scenes to prepare XERA: Survival for the upcoming closed alpha. Today I have some exciting stuff to show you guys.


Attachment System

The new attachment system has been implemented, that means you will be able to attach silencers & various scopes to your weapons. Lasers and flashlights are also planned and will be implemented at a later stage.

Attachments will have different modifiers, such as recoil & damage. Silencers will also reduce the distance at which a gunshot can be heard - making you a ninja during those stealth missions.


New Gear

A brand new armour has been implemented - a lighter plated armour. This armour will be the mid tier and will protect less than the heavy armour. This is just one of many additional armour types going to be added to the game.


Explosive System

Boom! Yes that's right - explosive props. These will be placed around the map, in towns and other points of interests. They put off a large amount of damage close range, enough to kill players & AI. The further away it is, the less damage it will do, so it can still finish someone off if they are low health at a distance. Each object has individual health values, once below 70% HP they will automatically start burning and will gradually lose HP until they eventually explode. After exploding they will re-spawn after a certain amount of time.

Hopefully this will add an extra spice to PvP combat and also aid you when fighting the AI.


Water Material

The water material has had some upgrades, including a better reflection system and a reaction system, which reacts with players, AI and when items are dropped into water.


Reactive water in action (+ a preview of the brand new backpack):



I hope you all enjoyed this development blog, I will have more to show you all during this month - so stay tuned.




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Great work so far Josh!  You guys are going to love seeing what's been implemented over the last couple of months.  It's truly an experience!  I look forward to seeing everyone during the Closed Alpha!

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that water tho :x really cant w8 for the closed alpha now. just LOVE all the great work that has been put in XERA this far, and there is much more to come aswell to look forward to :D

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Looks awesome mate! Can't wait for Closed Alpha! <3

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