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The Golden Egg Challenge - Win A Full Copy of XERA!

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Hello Survivors!


During Stress Tests there will be 'Golden Eggs' spawning in the world and will also drop from AI. They will have a 1% Spawn Rate.


If you manage to collect 1 of these eggs, whether found in the world, from AI or another player - you will go into a draw with other players to win a full copy of XERA. If you find one - post a screenshot in this thread to be entered! Feel free to share how you found it as well ;)


If you collect 5 of these golden eggs you will win a full copy of XERA! You MUST take it to your global inventory, and then post in this thread. After the test - I will confirm that they are in the database. Remember to post in this thread when you have found 5, as it will be the first 2 to find 5. (Only 2 copies available per test - first 2 get it!)


Good luck hunting! ;)



Stress Test 9:

  1. @Arient
  2. @Mimimicheater

Stress Test 8:

  2. @commandobob

Stress Test 7:

  1. @Tommy
  2. @Nide

Stress Test 6:

  1. @smcnab85
  2. @KingSK


- Joshua

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On ‎09‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 5:13 PM, KingSK said:

Definitely gonna nolife :D

Update 1:



I didn't even see you coming lol Rip me 

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