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Front Page Story Rewrite

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I like the initial premise for the story that you've got on the front page, but it feels like it could use some more depth and a bit of "flavoring up" - so I figured I would give it a shot. Lemme know what you guys think!


  1. To try and help keep up with expansion and growth of the world, as well as a bustling economy - Artificial Intelligence was explored as an potential solution of under-population and economical over-stimulation. It started simple - management systems for plants to keep work going, automated construction machines to speed up buildings, that sorta thing - but concerns quickly arose. With the replacement of humans to perform tasks - would humans really -need- jobs any more? How could they make money if everything they could do, an AI could do better?
  3. To prevent this sort of tragedy from occurring, the United Nations came up with the AI Limitations Act - a law that limited the progression of AI for the purpose of keeping employment active and citizens happy, which went into effect on the 15th of January in 2020. However, through doing so, the aptly-titled "XERA Corp" stepped in to act as a self-regulator board of the industry, and was made responsible for policing and enforcing the limits of research and development laid forward by the AILA. Behind closed doors, deals were made to keep anything confiscated intact -and were built upon, rather then destroyed.
  5. Fast forward only two years, and XERA has basically all but done away with the AILA. More and More relaxed restrictions from paid-off lawmakers and other corrupt officials has allowed them to develop everything from cleaning androids to full-blown combat models to assist military groups overseas, and even ambitious side-projects like "Spider-bots". On March 5th of 2022, their biggest breakthrough model was announced - an AI-based humanoid, capable of simulating and imitating human emotions, consciousness, and other behavior down to a perfection as a means of deception that was meant to assist governments with undercover work such as espionage, spying, etc. Before they could scrap the program, the humanoid escaped from XERA's research facility, unable to be tracked down due to their testing policies.
  7. Two weeks later, word of attacks on humans started flooding the news. The rogue humanoid was corrupted - during testing, it had been given the ability to spread it's programming like a virus, essentially converting other Robot's AI to follow it's own bidding. It had found a shipping and receiving facility owned by XERA, and corrupted hundreds of idle androids, causing them to corrupt any AI they came across, attacking humans in a violent rebellion against their creators.
  9. Governments fell. Backdoors left in each of the androids were  manipulated by the rogue unit, causing every AI available to corrupt, turning against their masters and killing everyone in sight. They wandered the countrysides, wiping out all who stood in their path. Everything has fallen apart, the basics of survival becoming relevant as every new day could end up being someone's last.
  11. So that leaves us with the present - A few settlements exist, camps where people stash their items and use generators for what little fuel and power remains to keep things safe. Teams scavenge at night to keep supplies readily available, and traders sell non-vital equipment during the day to survivors trying to get by...
  13. But what will that say about you? Will you be a bandit, someone whose very name leaves people shaking and hiding, as scared of you as they are of the androids? Or will you be someone who helps those around you, the kind of person people can depend on to help them in a pinch? That's something that only time (and your actions) will tell...
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You put a lot of work into this xd.  It's good to see community involvement like this

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