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Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.0

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Hi everyone,


These are the patch notes coming from Stress Testing > Closed Alpha. There is a lot that is not on this list, but it has some of the changes made.


- Item System
Added 1 second delay to picking up items
Item quantity will no longer display when looking at an item if the quantity is one

- UI / Inventory
Fixed an issue causing weapon attachments right click menu to not show
Fixed an issue causing weapon attachments to not be drag & dropable
Fixed an issue causing right click menu to clip off the screens
Added alert when not enough weight in backpack when pulling items from global inventory
General improvements made to global inventory interface
Mouse will now be centred in the screen when inventory is opened
Inventory preview character moved to a cloned actor, rather than a live display
Added drone controls to settings menu
Inventory Items can now be consumed by double clicking them

- Main Menu Screen
Modified main menu background scene
Added new main menu music
Added new loading screen
Improved blending / fading of main menu music

- Air Drop System
Added player count requirement (5) to trigger an airdrop (Won't deploy on empty servers)

- Weapons
Added .223 Rounds Item
Changed AR-15 Required ammo to .223
Added burst fire system
Glock now has burst fire mode
Fixed an issue with Desert Eagles ADS not aligning where bullets are meant to go
A sound is now played when fire mode is changed
Melees can now hit multiple targets in one swing, up to 4 targets per swing
Weapons no longer auto change slots when picking up another weapon if you already have a weapon

- Medical
Slot no longer changed when using medical supplies in your medical quickslot

- Map
Fixed AO artefacts on tunnel model

- Graphics
Added water affects when a player is walking through water
Reduced sun's bloom

Fixed an issue causing global inventory to refresh when picking up items when not visible
Optimised Day/Night cycle to better handle shadows to prevent doubling draw calls when transitioning between day and night

- Weather System
Reduced default fog density
Increased default cloud density
Increased cloud movement speed
Added cloudy weather condition
Improved audio transitions
Added weather volume to 'game volume' multiplier
Weather no longer hard resets on death, instead stays persistent and moves weather affects to new character
Weather effects now display while in drone

- AI
Fixed an issue where the AI would not play an attack animation, but still hurt you

- Door System
Improved directional detection for when it selects which direction to open
Fixed an issue which allowed guns to shoot when clipped into a door

- Animations
Implemented 'Sync Groups' to help sync foot positions when switching between animations
Added crouch firing animations
Fixed an issue causing head to be shown when ADS with G36
Improved crouch movement animation speeds


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