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New Weaponry / Attachments

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Just some general ideas I have: 

  1. Implementation of attachments. While there are the obvious ones like grips and sights, I think you should try to get a away from most games and try something different. For example, you could add an attachment for pistols that slides into the barrel, and allows you to chamber rifle calibers. 
  2. While I don't think you should overdo it on weapons for the survival aspect, shotguns and sniper rifles are going to be must haves for success. With this being said, shotguns shotguns should be balanced and I'd really like to see different types of shotgun ammo such as buckshot and slugs, but also some fun rounds like dragons breath or ball and chain. Sniper rifles should have scopes that aren't overly powerful ( unless bullet mechanics are tweaked heavily ) given size of the map. 
  3. Lastly are grenades and throwables. For survival, stun grenades and such are rather unneeded, however some that are correlated with robots would be cool. These could include EMPs that temporarily disable the bots, smokes that allow you to get away, or even the ability to hack and utilize the robots for your own purposes ( good or bad ), but that's for a whole other conversation.                
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