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Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.2

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Hello survivors,


Here are the changes that will be made in today's patch.


- Additions
Added aggressive system, any time you do damage to another player a 8 minute timer will start, you won't be protected in a safezone for this time.
Aggressive status will change a players name to red when looking at them
Aggressive players can be killed inside the safezone with no penalty to the killer. Skill rating system applies as normal too.



You will only receive the aggressive status if you attack someone without one. You will not be marked as aggressive if you damage someone who is already aggressive.

Added compass to top right of HUD


Added current level to the HUD


Updated map picture
You will now receive spawn protection when changing servers
Adjusted XP requirement for higher levels
Reduced global inventory multiplier for levels to 50kg per lvl (was 75kg)

Added additional check when a player leaves the server to make sure player character is actually destroyed
You can now add scopes to an AR-15

- Bugfixes
Fixed an issue causing chat colors to display incorrectly
Fixed various issues in Redsville City


Hope you all enjoy these changes!

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