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Brain storming some ideas that I feel will make the game a better experience.

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Hey everyone. After coming across this game I was interested in it straight away and I was eager to score a free closed alpha key from coco's giveaway :D. After loosing out on the key me and a few friends decided to buy the game anyway. Today I have almost 10 hours in the game already and I am enjoying the experience. 


As I was playing yesterday, I thought of a few ideas that I feel would give the game more of a spark.

OUTPOSTS IN THE WORLD - I thought of this after there were many times that me and my team were full with gear and had to run across the whole map to our global inventory (GI). Once we had put our gear away, we still wanted to continue playing so we had to run all the way pack to pvp where we wanted. As much as I really do not mind doing this, I saw this as an opportunity for the added spark I talked about above. My idea is to have a couple of outposts that are in the world, at these outposts every player will have the ability to access there GI, but these outposts are not safe zones and are opportunity for more player encounters. Players will have to clear the area before they are able to store their loot, and this would mean people are closer to a GI which in turn means closer to where they next want to be, but it comes with a risk that the player will have to decide whether to take, or just go to the safe zone.


BIGGER WORLD/PLAYER EVENTS - The only event I can think of that excites players and attracts them to a location is supply drops, and even then, they are not THAT exciting. So, I thought a big world event would be just what the game needs. Something that attracts squads of players that happens rarely where the player/players that get the event will be rewarded with something worth the trouble (I have some ideas on rewards like these that I may post later on). So I will leave you with this idea as I feel no matter what it is, the sheer thought of an event like this is exciting.           

Thanks for reading my ideas and I will have more brewing. 

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