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Rightclicking in Inventory

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More of a suggestion/idea rather than a "bug" 😛

When you rightclick in the menu, to attach something to your gun for example, the square-menu that pops up IMMEDIATELY disappear if you move your mouse 1px to the top or 1px to the right (as the menu pops up to the left from the cursor position.
This has been very annoying in situations where you need to equip something in a jiffy (PVP battle situation etc.)

So how 'bout making the menu stay till you click out of it, or perhaps put a timer on it if mouse-over loses focus for 1 second or so. I don't have the highest sens on my mouse, but sometimes, rightclicking moves the mouse by the motion of the hand itself, so I gotta take a breather, rightclick, keep steady and my tounge straight in my mouth when performing such actions.

- I'm a diva. Kappa.

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Thanks, ill look at this next patch.

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